Letter from President SueAnn Naso: 46 Years and Beyond

As we wrap up our “45 reasons for our success” celebration for our 45th anniversary, I am humbled by all the wonderful feedback from our customers, candidates, assignment employees, partners, and internal staff.  Life and work move so quickly these days that we don’t always take the time to look back and see how what we do every day impacts those around us.  These 45 individuals are a small sampling of the hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies we’ve positively impacted over the years.  I often get the questions, “how have you stayed with the same organization for so long?”

My response is always, “when you love what you do, the time just flies by before you know it.”

And I really do love what I do. It’s times like this when I reflect back on all the people we’ve impacted over the years that I feel most proud about the organization we have become.  I’m proud of our innovation and always looking for better solutions for our customers. I’m proud of our focus on candidate experience and making sure we match them to the best opportunities to help advance their careers.  I’m proud of the partnerships we’ve created based on mutual trust and respect for each other. And I am especially proud of our wonderful internal team of dedicated, caring, and determined professionals.

As Carmella mentioned in her Founder’s Letter at the start of the campaign, “the secret is that our success is reliant on people and partnerships.” Looking forward as we continue to grow and evolve as an organization, this ‘secret of success’ will continue to be at our core.  Every new service offering, or improvement in technology, or new market we expand into, our focus will be on how it positively impacts those people and partnerships.

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