Safety Standards

Staffing Solutions Enterprises, Inc. considers its employees our most important asset. Each employee has the responsibility to report to work both physically fit and mentally alert and to learn to abide by all safe-working procedures outlined in your job. If you are concerned about the safety of the facility, equipment, chemical use, safety equipment or methods of performing your position at the location you have been assigned, it is your obligation to immediately discuss the concern to your supervisor at your assigned location and your SSE representative, so the concern can be addressed and appropriate action can be taken if necessary to ensure the safety or our employees. Furthermore, it is the employee’s responsibility to abide by all safety rules at your assigned location.

Employees who violate a safety standard of SSE or a client and causes hazardous or dangerous situations, or fails to report a hazardous or dangerous situation, may be subject to Disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

A post-accident drug screen and or alcohol test will be required for any employee that is involved in an on-the-job accident or injury under circumstances that suggest possible involvement or influence of drugs or alcohol in the accident or injury event. Any employee that refuses to submit to a drug or alcohol test under company policy or otherwise fail to cooperate with testing procedures will be subject to immediate termination.

Employee training on various safety issues are conducted by the client you are placed at. Training may include (but is not limited to) Back Safety, Blood borne Pathogens, Hazardous Communication, Electrical Safety, Fire Prevention and Personal Protective Equipment.

The following is a listing of mandatory safety rules. The list is not all-inclusive, but is provided for your guidance on conducting work in a safe manner.

  • Always report an injury immediately no matter how slight
  • Always use the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is required by both SSE and the client at all times. If you do not have the required PPE for your assigned job, you must ask your supervisor or SSE’s representative to provide it for you.
  • Always keep your area clean, neat and orderly.
  • Always wear seat belts when being transported via a Client’s vehicle or in the vehicle of another worker.
  • Always report all accidents and near misses per SSE”s Injury Reporting Policy.
  • Always report unsafe working conditions to your SSE representative.
  • Always know the location of emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, eye wash, first aid supplies (Do not use an extinguisher unless you have been trained on how to properly put out a fire).
  • Always use safe lifting techniques. Do not attempt to lift, push or pull objects that may be too heavy. Do not attempt to lift something heavy that is above your shoulder height.
  • Always treat Blood or any other potentially infectious bodily fluids as harmful and employees must where gloves when administering aid (including small cuts and abrasion) while at work.
  • Never lift more than 60 Lbs. maximum or the maximum limit permitted by your personal physician. If asked to lift more than this, please contact an SSE representative.
  • Never work on surfaces over 4 feet high without railing or fall protection unless permission has been obtained from SSE.
  • Never use chemicals which you cannot identify or have not been trained to use.
  • Never operate a forklift or other powered lift truck unless you have been trained and certified to do so by the client and with approval of you SSE representative.
  • Never operate machinery or powered tools of any kind which you have not been trained to use.
  • Never operate machinery without the proper safety devices, pull backs and/or guards in place.
  • Never operate a piece of equipment or machinery that appears to be unsafe.
  • Never enter into horseplay, mischief, or misconduct while on the job site.
  • Never bring, use, and/or sell illegal drugs or alcohol on company property.
  • Never bring any type of weapon or firearm to into the SSE office or a client’s location.

The Responsibilities of the Injured Worker (employee)

  • Immediately report injury to SSE and your site supervisor, as stated in employee important information.
  • Seek prompt medical treatment
  • Submit to a substance abuse screening as well as breath alcohol testing
  • Complete and accident report, along with all necessary paperwork to file a claim and return all paperwork to the SSE corporate office
  • Provide all necessary information to SSE.
  • Stay in contact with your Customer service manager and keep them advised of your progress as you recover from your injury.

Emergency Information

Staffing Solutions Enterprises, Inc will make every effort to remain open for business on scheduled workdays; there may be instances where conditions make it impossible to do so. These include, but are not limited to severe weather, declared state of emergency, utility disruptions and disasters. In all cases employee safety will be the primary consideration.

Employees who are working at another facility should follow emergency procedures at that location.

If you are required to leave the client facility notify a Staffing Specialist and inform them of your status (location where you are, health and well being and a number you can be reached at):

Primary e-mail:

Helpful Information:

Emergency & Crisis Info: You may be in range of these new, low-power, community and emergency information stations: Mayfield Heights 1700-AM; Mayfield Village 1640-AM; Beachwood 1630-AM.; Pepper Pike 1670-AM; Lakewood 1660-AM; Strongsville 1640-AM; Brunswick 1700-AM; Westlake 1680-AM. In the event of an emergency, you will find these stations to be an important source of information. Please consider setting a button to one on your car radio.

Safety Training Videos for Temporary Workers

Please click the following links to view safety videos provided by the State of Ohio’s Bureau of Workers Compensation.