Direct Placement

We have several types of temporary services to suit your needs!

Direct Placement

Retained Search

An exclusive search typically for higher level senior management positions where direct sourcing is required.

To ensure we add value to our customers, we take the time to completely understand your culture, job requirements, and ideal candidate profile. By doing this we reduce the amount of time you spend interviewing candidates and measure our success on a 3 to 1 candidate submission to hire ratio.

Direct Placement

Contingency Search

 A traditional search service provided on an individual per-hire basis. Includes sourcing, interviewing, testing, screening, and presentation of qualified candidates based on the client’s specific requirements.

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We take time to learn about your organization and specific requirements so that we can match you with the best talent to suit your needs. Whether you have a two-week project or an indefinite need, we ensure the person we connect you with is someone who can complete the assignment on time and within budget. 

Through our Recruiting Consulting services, our experts conduct in-depth evaluations of your organizations recruiting practices, exploring people, processes, and tools. Our goal is to offer precise recommendations that bring about transformative changes, enhancing not only the quality of candidates but also process efficiencies and overall recruitment outcomes.

Since 2000, we have had a proven track record of contract workforce optimization services, including vendor management services, managed staffing services, and contract workforce optimization. Our service line continues to evolve to fit the needs of our clients.

Recruitment process outsourcing provides the entire practice of administering, finding, hiring and retaining top talent for your organization. Our RPO services are typically used to support multiple hires during periods of expansion, seasonal needs or as an alternative to hiring full-time recruiting staff. 

From job marketing services, candidate attraction and screening services, to sourcing and screening, we are here to help.

Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) works with many businesses who have chosen not to bring on employees as a company hire, but rather “payroll” their employee through us.

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