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Fall 2022 Events

Fall 2022 Upcoming Events Author: Victoria CohenUpcoming Events in NE OhioWe are excited to share these incredible events in happening Northeast Ohio this Fall! Don't miss out! Engage! Cleveland 9/29: Inaugural Generation NEXT Awards11/3-11/4: 5th Annual Lead CLE: Professional Development Conference11/17: CLEducation: Pursue Your Purpose  Cleveland SHRM 9/27: Virtual Learning: Work Smarter with Community: A Guided Tour9/28:…
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SSE Explained: Clarity Breaks

SSE Explained: Clarity Breaks Author: Blake BabcockHow often do you take time to just sit and think?  I’m not talking about the random space out and start thinking and or worrying about 100 other things I mean dedicating time, in a quiet space away from your email, your phone and distractions (the memes will still…
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A Fool-Proof Method to Nailing the Interview

A Fool-Proof Method to Nailing the Interview Author: Katie ForshaWe all know the interview process can be daunting, especially when it comes to behavioral-based questions.  So, how do you conquer this portion of the interview? Meet the STAR method. While we aren't the first to create this interview hack, we have seen the success of…
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April SSE Listening Party

April SSE Listening Party Author: Katie Forsha Another month, another playlist!  When I say these playlists have shifted the energy in the office, I mean it. In our weekly meetings where we call out any company WOW's, there is always someone who mentions that they 'loved the vibe' of the office on Tuesdays (the designated…
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