Ensuring Your Safety and Security

At Staffing Solutions Enterprises, the safety and integrity of our employees and partners are paramount. We understand the significance of helping you stay informed. By taking proactive measures, we empower our community to navigate the job market with confidence and assurance.   Keep reading to lean how Staffing Solutions Enterprises will interact with you and how to sport a scammer. 

Our Staff will Never:

  • Ask for any protected information (age, gender, etc.) separate from onboarding documents.
  • Ask for personal information over unsecured channels or use chat platforms for job postings  (Facebook Messenger, Goggle Hangouts, Telegram messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Ask you to send money upfront, buy a gift card or complete other financial transactions.
  • Ask you to reach out to an email address that is not connected to our domain.
  • Ask you to follow a QR code to upload your banking information.

Our Staff Will:

  • Reach out from an email with a Staffing Solutions enterprises domain “@staffsol.com
  • Properly onboard you through secure measures. Financial information will only be requested through secure direct deposit forms during the onboarding process. 
  • Reach out once an established relationship has been formed. 
  • Always be willing to touch base via a phone call. 
  • Create customized, flexible, and creative talent acquisitions solutions to align with your career.
  • Partner with Transparency
  • Treat you with Respect

Scammers Will:

  • Contact you through an unaffiliated email.  Our staff will always contact you from an email with the domain “staffsol.com or bvstaffsol.com”.  Beware of scammers using similar address like “staffingsolutions.com or staffingsol.com or staffingsolutionsenterprses.com or staffingsolutions@gmail.com
  • Request personal information over unsecured platforms (name, age, country, phone number, gender, email address).
  • Ask if you have an active bank account to receive a salary.
  • Pressure you to act quickly, scammers are not professional and use aggressive tactics and insist on immediate action. 
  • Request to be contacted only thru text or similar platform.
  • Request money or ask you to connect your banking information to a payment app.  There is never a cost to job seekers for working with our staff.  
  • Inform you that different departments use different domains.  All staff at Staffing Solutions Enterprises will email you from a Staffing Solutions Enterprises domain “staffsol.com or bvstaffsol.com”
  • Will send fake profiles pretending to be Staffing Solutions Enterprises staff or even share fake employee badges.  For example, will say they are with Staff Solutions rather than Staffing Solutions Enterprises
  • Have grammatical errors and will include language stating “Note: This is not a scam or fraud alert.”
  • Offer a finance team member to assist you in applying for funding to pay for a company laptop. 
  • Direct you to fraudulent websites.  Our valid web site is https://www.staffingsolutionsenterprises.com/
  • Create fake LinkedIn profiles.  Fake profiles often have no profile picture or use stock photos; have limited connections and use odd usernames (mike1234)

Legitimate Staffing Solutions Enterprises Accounts: (can you add the links)

While there is never a 100% guarantee against becoming a victim to fraud, there are many online resources and guidelines to help protect you and your family.  Some of these resources include:

You are an important step in the security, privacy, and fraud prevention for yourself and for SSE.  Should you ever feel or even suspect that a fraudster is trying to impersonate an SSE team member please reach out to us immediately at payroll@staffsol.com and provide applicable screenshots and /or links as soon as possible.   

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