NorthCoast 99 Awards 2022

Author: Victoria Cohen

This Year’s Event Recap

This September, myself and several of our team members attended the 24th annual NorthCoast 99 awards ceremony, hosted by ERC. NorthCoast 99 is a highly acclaimed program that honors the 99 best workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio each year. Over 500 guests gathered at the Hilton in downtown Cleveland to celebrate the hard-earned endeavor of winning NorthCoast 99, as it is no easy feat. This year’s theme of reflection emanated throughout the ceremony –  an ode to reflecting on and learning from the past, and determining what is truly most important to yourself, your company, and your people.

Pictured left to right: Celia Stonko, Victoria Cohen, Ann Richardson, SueAnn Naso, Lana Iklodi, and Blake Babcock

We are proud to have been a sponsor for Northcoast 99 since its inception, and our team had a wonderful night celebrating with the 99 distinguished companies that make northeast Ohio an exceptional place to work and live. As this was my first time attending the ceremony, I turned to our President and CEO, SueAnn Naso for an interview to learn more of the history behind NorthCoast 99 and its significance to us at Staffing Solutions Enterprises.

How did Staffing Solutions Enterprises start as a sponsor for NorthCoast 99?  

“Pat Perry, the former President of ERC met with us to share his vision for an awards program that was focused on recognizing the top employers in our region. Like us, he was meeting with many companies and noticed there were a select few who were really striving to be the best they could be and were always looking for a way to make sure they were getting better. Back then there wasn’t a lot of benchmark data readily available, and Pat saw that as an opportunity to help ensure the success of our region and make Northeast Ohio a great place to work, live, and thrive.  As soon as we heard his vision, we were in. Our missions of matching top talents with great workplaces aligns perfectly with NC99’s focus on recognizing workplaces.”

Can you describe the significance of NorthCoast 99 to Staffing Solutions Enterprises?  

“We are proud to be a long-time NC99 sponsor because at Staffing Solutions we are passionate about northeast Ohio and helping organizations attract and retain top talent.  And this award, like no other I’ve seen, provides so much data to winners and non-winners on how to continue to strive to be the best in our region.”

That said, we are proud to have thirteen of our clients as winners of NorthCoast 99 this year.

Each of the awarded companies has worked hard to develop policies that support the needs and development of their employees, and to create truly exceptional workplaces. We’d like to congratulate all of the NorthCoast 99 Award winners, and give a special thank you to our client winners below

Airgas. Asurint, Benesch, Bettcher, CrossCountry Mortgage, Cuyahoga Community College, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland,

Fire-Dex, Flexjet, Northeast Ohio Sewer District, Park Place Technologies, Vitamix. World Synergy 

Learn how this year’s winning employers of NorthCoast 99 are making Northeast Ohio a great place to work, live and thrive 

99% offer a retirement plan to its employees

95% have an Employee Assistance Program

92% have a compensation philosophy in place

100% have a structured formal onboarding program, and use metrics the measure the effectiveness

95% offer informal staff gatherings around food/drink 

93% have a documented policy about diversity, equity, and inclusion

*All data credited to ERC

We’d like to give our congratulations again to all the 2022 NorthCoast 99 award recipients and we hope to see you next year! 


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