About Staffing Solutions

Since 1974, SSE has delivered recruitment solutions to Northeast Ohio employers, matching local top talent to great workplaces.

Today, Staffing Solutions Enterprises services job locations throughout the mid-west region and nationally. So, whether it be entry-level,  professional, or managerial roles, we are here to help!

Learn more about Staffing Solutions and our mission to help match top talent with top workplaces.

Meet the team

We have some incredible leaders guiding our team at SSE. Connect with our leadership team on Linkedin or follow our page to learn more about us!

SSE Proven Process

Our Proven Process is a continuous cycle of our operations at SSE. This process demonstrates how we work with clients to provide exceptional service from first touch to final steps. We begin with the Discovery of client needs, and move through Design, Engagement Kick-off, Service Delivery, Continual Communication and Continual Improvement.

SSE Core Values

At SSE, there are several Core Values that guide us as a business and as people. With these 5 Core Values in mind, we are able to unite as a team in our mission of helping match top talent with top workplaces.

Create a WOW experience with every interaction

Build meaningful relationships

Strive to do exceptional work

Have a growth-oriented mindset

Commitment to continuous self-improvement

What makes us different?

We know there are other staffing agencies for you to choose from, but our focus on three core elements sets us apart from the rest: 

1. Depth/Breadth of Experience
2. Customized/Flexible/Creative
3. Partner with Transparency


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