Meet SueAnn Naso

A 28-year veteran of Staffing Solutions Enterprises, SueAnn purchased the company in October 2019 from founder Carmella Calta upon her retirement. In her new role as President and CEO, SueAnn gets “the pleasure of working with some of the best people around leading our focus on culture and the delivery of our Fundamentals of Success.”

Throughout her years in the staffing industry, SueAnn has seen a lot of changes. “I think one of the biggest changes is around the speed of recruiting and all of the resources we have now to find people for jobs,” she states. “When I started in the recruiting industry, we would place ads in the newspaper and wait for people to mail resumes or walk-in to drop off resumes. We conducted mass postcard mailings to the community encouraging them to come to the office to apply for work. We printed job postings that we would mail or drop off to outplacement firms, the unemployment office, and technical/business schools, as well as posting flyers in the community. We would interview people who walked into our office on the spot. We encouraged people to come in immediately if they called into the office,” she continued. “Now, because of technology, we can reach out to thousands of potential candidates with a click of one button. So very different than 30 years ago.”

When asked what she enjoys most about working at SSE, she responded, “Our passion for helping people obtain their career goals. It’s so satisfying to run into a former contract employee or candidate we placed directly with a client and they make a point of telling me how we made a difference in helping them get to where they are today. Their stories are so inspirational and it helps reassure me every day of the importance of our work.”

SueAnn enjoys exploring the Metroparks, “with all its many great hiking trails and fun things to see along the way. It seems like every time I go. I happen upon something new to see.” And now with extra time on her hands due to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, she is indulging in some binge-watching. “This past weekend, I watched all of “Tiger King” (very disturbing, by the way),” she stated, “and am currently in the middle of “You” and the new season of “Ozarks.”

When asked about her thought on the greatest TV series of all time, she responded, “Seinfeld of course. When my husband and I got married (16 years ago) even the Pastor referenced how several things that happened to us while we were dating were like Seinfeld moments.”

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