Meet Rachel Mack

As a high school student, Rachel Mack worked at a nearby chiropractic office answering phones, greeting patients, and scheduling appointments. Fast forward to this past February, Rachel was promoted to Vice President of Recruiting & Service Delivery Options at Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE), after being with the agency for just over seven years.

Charged with overseeing the daily recruiting and service delivery operations, Rachel ensures that SSE team members have the right tools and processes to expertly match job seekers with client needs while promoting and ensuring that both the candidate and client experience is guided by the SSE Fundamentals of Success.

When asked what she likes most about working at SSE, Rachel responded, “That I am given the latitude to utilize my expertise in areas that I feel will help our business ‘move the needle’ a bit each day and an environment where my team and leadership challenge me and inspire me to do things outside of my comfort zone.”

Rachel went on to explain that her biggest accomplishment has been the successful implementation of Bullhorn, a new Applicant Tracking System. “I’d never been through a large system implementation within my career and co-leading this project was intense,” she stated. “This system is the bones of what we do every day – from recruiting to account management to payroll, and billing. Having been fully ingrained in the technology since 2018, it continues to feel like an accomplishment knowing that we chose the right system and it still helps us to accomplish the work we need it to efficiently and successfully.”

When she’s not working, Rachel likes to play outside with her family in their neighborhood and enjoys sitting around a good fire pit in the evening. In addition to two children, she is mom to a Peek-a-Poo named Charlie Murphy Mack. “But he’s bad, so we often call him Chuckie,” she added.

Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday in the Mack household. “My family tends to have smaller family Christmases, but Thanksgiving is the one holiday where all of our smaller families get together,” Rachel explained. “We typically have at least 40 people, 5-6 dogs, and plenty of kids at Thanksgiving each year. There’s not a table big enough, but the whole house is filled with people who don’t mind taking a seat on the couch to eat their turkey, homemade noodles and dressing.”

Rachel has been binge-watching Ozark (oh my goodness!) while on home quarantine these past few weeks. The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, is one of her favorite books.

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