Meet Candy Gasparini

Candy joined the Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) team 4 months ago. As a Customer Experience Manager, she is responsible for recruiting qualified applicants to place with clients and ensuring those clients have an excellent experience while working with us to fill their staffing needs.

When asked about the biggest challenges currently facing the staffing industry, Candy replied, “Finding qualified candidates. Recruiters are definitely having to go outside the box to find candidates.”

Candy’s first job was at Tuxedo Junction, during her senior year of high school. “I really loved that job because I was able to help my classmates with their tux rentals for prom. I thought it was super cool!”

In addition to two adorable girls, Candy is mom to two sweet dogs, Brady a Pekingese-Beagle mix and Austin a Bichon Frise-Beagle mix. She states, “I’m not just saying this because they are mine, but they are super cute!!!” She (and the dogs) absolutely love the fall.

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