Growing Benefits of RPO

As we prepare to move our organizations forward post-pandemic, we’ve all probably taken the time to evaluate our business strategy.  One area I’d like to bring attention to is the utilization of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Before jumping into our specific models, I wanted to highlight an excellent article in “Future of Talent Institute Weekly” on The Future of RPO.  The Growing benefits list below is directly from the article:

Growing Benefits of RPO

  1. Many argue that RPOs are expensive but the cost of benefits, salaries, technology, physical space, and other costs make in-house recruiters expensive. Companies that are using RPOs have not had to layoff recruiters as the RPOs are absorbing the changing volume.
  2. As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic organizations will be forced to employ globally dispersed workers, many of whom may not be permanent employees but those working on a temporary, part-time, or contract basis. The total workforce will be more complex, virtual, and diverse than ever. RPOs are well suited to find these kinds of employees and provide services such as payroll.
  3. RPOs have invested heavily in technology and are often more advanced in sourcing, engagement, assessment, and interviewing than are corporate recruiting functions.
  4. RPOs have developed deep databases of potential candidates in verticals. They can quickly tap into those databases to find the best candidates. Corporate recruiting functions often lack the time and resources to build out these databases and spend more time sourcing.

The full article can be found here:

How can Staffing Solutions Enterprises help?

  1. SSE remains very flexible in our approach and I would argue far more flexible than most companies running RPOs.  We don’t require a year-long or even six-month commitment.  We understand the scaling up and back due to business needs can fluctuate.  We work closely with our clients to adjust our service and strategy to your changing environment.
  2. Our RPO services vary from: hourly sourcing,  partially or fully outsourced recruiting, and project-based recruiting. As we strategize with you, we will provide several options and detailed benefits including cost, efficiency, and specialization.
  3. SSE has invested heavily in technology from our CRM, job boards, LinkedIn (we all know how expensive those LinkedIn recruiter seats are), InterviewPath (custom behavioral-based interview guides), and more. When speaking with clients we can simply save thousands of dollars by eliminating their LinkedIn seat subscriptions and job board posting packages.
  4. To say our database is robust would be an understatement.  Our team of recruiters is sourcing, screening, and building pipelines 24/7 in areas such as Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Clerical, HR, Engineering, Skilled Manufacturing, Management, and IT.

I get it – RPO and “fully outsourced” are scary propositions because you’re feeling a loss of control or worried about the cost.  With our approach, we focus on being an extension of your HR team.  We remain fully transparent and fully flexible on our approach.  Our process is very detailed thus leaving you fully confident you’ve chosen the right strategy.

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