A Fool-Proof Method to Nailing the Interview

Author: Katie Forsha

We all know the interview process can be daunting, especially when it comes to behavioral-based questions. 

So, how do you conquer this portion of the interview? Meet the STAR method. While we aren’t the first to create this interview hack, we have seen the success of candidates using this method first-hand.

STAR is an acronym for your responses to behavioral-based questions. Start with envisioning the situation, and work through the task, action and result. Let’s break it down:

The STAR Method

 S: Situation 

Set the scene. What was going on at the time? Describe your environment during the challenge. Were you working on a project alongside coworkers? Or was there an obstacle during your volunteer work? 

T: Task

Now, it’s time to break down what you were doing. Was there a presentation due in two weeks that you had to prepare for? Was there a last-minute deadline that was sprung on you? Walk the interviewer through the challenge you had to overcome.

A: Action

Talk about the actions you took to conquer the challenge. Maybe you scheduled recurring reminders to check in with your team members to break down the project and track progress. Or perhaps you learned a new software program to adapt to the unexpected ask. Think through the specific actions that YOU did (not what other team members did) to complete the task.

R: Result
What was the result of the challenge? Speak to the experience you gained from this challenge, whether it be developing stronger communication skills or something more technical. 


While we aren’t the first people to suggest the STAR method, we do know it is a powerful tool to help you nail the interview.


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