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Beware of Scammers While Job Hunting

Employment-related scams are on the rise. These scams can cost you money, your reputation, or even your identity. We encourage you to follow the guidelines below as you evaluate opportunities, as they may be an indication of fraudulent activity:Always research a company before applying for a job. Check its website, do an Internet search, and…
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Get Smart About Social Media Before Diving Into Your Job Search

You've worked hard to put together a resume that highlights your skills and achievements and makes you stand out from the crowd. But how much thought have you given to your "online resume" or social media presence? When actively searching for a job, it's a good idea to be mindful of the information you are sharing (and…
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The Role of Social Recruiting

Social media has dramatically changed the way people all over the world interact and communicate – and recruiting is no exception. In fact, 91% of employers now use some type of social media for recruiting. From building brand awareness to decreasing time-to-fill, social media platforms allow for a more proactive and targeted approach to reaching a…
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