Important Information 

The important information for employees can be located on our web site at



At Staffing Solutions Enterprises Inc. (“SSE” or the “Company”), the focus is on you. We take pride in our employees, who in turn take pride in the work they do while employed with us. Meeting your needs and goals is key to providing the best service available to our clients.


The information contained has been provided to serve as a guide in establishing a productive working relationship. It describes Human Resource policies and procedures for SSE. You will receive the most benefit if you read it carefully and then refer to it often as a reference source when you have specific questions to be answered. The material contained in this folder is informational in nature and is intended only as a reference for managers and employees. It is not all-inclusive and is not intended to give complete details for all circumstances.


SSE recruits, hires, trains, assigns personnel, promotes, and compensates employees without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, or disability. All employment decisions at SSE are made based on merit and job requirements.


SSE accepts applications for employment through all delivery methods including by not limited to in person, via fax, postal mail, e-mail, or over the internet.


In the event of employment, falsification, misrepresentations or material omissions in any data presented throughout the hiring process, given in applications, other documents or interview(s) or other future communications during your employment may result in discharge and possible criminal prosecution.


SSE expects all employees to conduct themselves in an honorable fashion. Honesty is an important Company attribute. Therefore, any misrepresentation of facts or falsification of records, including personnel records, medical records, leaves of absence, documentation or the like will not be tolerated. The same honesty standard applies to any Company investigation. Any violations may result in corrective action, up to and including termination.


Contact us at:  440-461-1652


Equal Employment Opportunity


SSE was built upon teamwork and equal opportunity. We will continue to be successful when people are treated fairly, allowed to advance, and achieve their full potential. We are proud of the fact that we extend equal employment opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information or disability, which if needing accommodation, may be reasonably accommodated as required by law.


We work hard at SSE to promote the fulfillment of human potential and equal employment. We will act to ensure that all qualified minority group individuals, women, disabled persons, and disabled or Vietnam Era veterans, are encouraged to seek promotions, are considered for promotion opportunities, and when qualified, are promoted or hired.


All phases of employment including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, selection for training, promotion, demotion, discipline, rates of pay or other compensation, transfer, layoff, termination, recall, use of facilities and participation in all Company sponsored activities, will be administered to further the principle of equal employment opportunity.


SSE’s policy is to ensure equal employment opportunity in accordance with all applicable federal regulations along with state regulations where we conduct business outside of Ohio.


SSE will cooperate with federal, state, or local government agencies that have the responsibility to observe our actual compliance with various laws relating to employment.  The Company will furnish such reports, records and other matters as requested to foster the program of equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disabled or Vietnam Era veteran status, or physical or mental disability.


All employees are expected to comply with our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. Supervisors who are responsible for meeting business objectives are expected to cooperate fully in meeting our equal opportunity objectives. Our EEO policy will be disseminated to all employees, various recruitment sources, located in the important information and displaced at our location(s).  Any employee who deliberately violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment.


Employees with suggestions or unresolved problems relating to equal employment should feel free to contact any member of management.


Individuals that believe the Company has discriminated against them may file a discrimination complaint with Ms. SueAnn Naso (EEO Representative).  The EEO Representative has full authority to manage issues involving employment discrimination. 



Employment Policy

Only I or the Company may terminate my employment. When an assignment ends, I must report to SSE either by phone or in person within 24 hours of notification of assignment ending that I am available for my next assignment. Failing to do so will indicate that I have voluntarily quit, and such information/status of employment may be reported to external organizations.


It is my responsibility to notify the SSE placement office each week I am actively seeking work; failing to do so may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Also, if SSE attempts to contact me (via phone call, text, or email) and I do not respond after three attempts for employment, this indicates that I have voluntarily terminated my employment with SSE. Regarding missing work, one unexplained or unexcused absence or “no show, no call” will be cause for termination. Excessive excused absences will also be documented. Excessive absence within a ninety (90) day period may result in termination of employment.



Employment at Will

Employees of SSE are employed on an “at will” basis. Therefore, employees have the right to terminate their employment for any reason, at any time, and similarly, SSE has the right to terminate the employee’s employment for any reason, with or without cause, at any time. No manager is authorized to vary the “at will” status of an employee, either by oral or written statements.  No statement in this important information will be interpreted or applied as a contract of employment.  No one other than the President of the Company has the authority to alter this policy, to enter into an agreement for employment for a specified period, or to make any agreement contrary to this policy.  Any such employment agreement must be in writing and must be signed by the president.


Each employee is responsible for her/his own time keeping.  Electronic timesheets are available each pay period. If you do not have a timesheet for a current pay period, please contact your Staffing Specialist. Payroll is processed by Friday (the week following the work week). However, due to delays, incomplete information on the time ticket, or holidays the pay date may vary.


It is very important for you to accurately report the time you work in the space provided on your timesheet. It is required that you electronically sign your timesheet each pay period; no one else can sign for you. In addition, the supervisor’s electronic signature(approval) must also be present. Falsification of hours worked and/or forgery of signatures are criminal offenses and ground for prosecution, as well as termination.


Required Notification

  • Initial Rate of pay or increases to rate of pay will be communicated to you either by 1) In writing or 2) Verbally at time of placement.
  • The length of the assignment, reporting hours and breaks will be communicated to you either 1) In writing or 2) Verbally at time of placement.
  • Overtime is paid at 1.5 times (one and one half) the pay rate for hours worked over 40 hours during the payroll week.
  • The payroll work week is Sunday through Saturday
  • Payroll Processing Days: Paychecks/direct deposit/pay cards are processed weekly on Monday and Tuesday and payment date is Friday.  Paychecks are mailed on processing date from Cleveland OH.
  • Payroll payment date is Friday of each week. Provided accurate time is reported along with supervisor approval submitted by 8:00 am on Monday.
  • Time is reported through time connection systems. The access information and username will be provided to you either 1) In writing or 2) Verbally at the time of placement.
  • All Employer required statutory deductions, withholdings taxes, etc., any local, state, or federal court ordered mandates such as child support, IRS garnishments, etc. will be deducted as required by law. Voluntary deductions for benefits, charity, etc. will be deducted with authorization from the employee. 
  • If your employment ends, you will be paid for all approved time worked in the next scheduled payroll processing date. 
  • Federal and State required notices can be found under employee rights on our web site at
  • State requirements (equal pay, sick time, etc.) will be communicated to you 1) In writing or 2) Verbally at time of placement.
  • Questions can be submitted to your representative or at


On-line Time Tracking


You can submit your hours electronically by first reading the employee disclosure.  Then click “I have read and understand the employee disclosure”. 


A drop-down list will appear for:

  • SSE Employee Bullhorn Time Entry
  • StaffMatrix Candidate Login


Payroll Process Dates

SSE payroll funds are available via your direct deposit by Friday of each week.  Please remember to enter your time for the week on the last day worked for the week, to give your supervisor ample time to approve your hours. Payroll cutoff time is 10:00 AM on Tuesdays.


Reminder it is your responsibility to contact a Staffing Specialist (440-461-1652) when your employment status changes or when your work assignment ends.


Direct Deposit

Payroll is delivered by direct deposit (unless prohibited by state law) into your personal checking or savings account (your first check will be a live payroll check).  If you do not have a personal checking or savings account, you have the option of receiving a payroll card.  Payroll cards are mailed to your home within two (2) weeks.  Once the card is received simply activate the card, notify payroll that your card is activated ( and your next pay will be deposited directly onto that card.


Pay Stub Delivery

Pay stubs are available to you via (EmployDrive portal software is a third party payroll product)and completing the password prompts.  The first notification is sent to the email address provided by you, that notice will contain a link to access your payroll information.  You will be responsible for managing your withholding, direct deposit, mailing address, etc. within the software).  Payroll notifications are sent on the payroll paid date (i.e. Wednesday if payroll processed on Monday), you can view your pending payroll information once payroll has been completed for the day.

Reminder – if your name, address or telephone number changes please update (EmployDrive portal software is a third party payroll product). It is your responsibility to manage the updates.


Stop Payment Policy

If your paycheck is not delivered by the Post Office within ten (10) calendar days from the date it was mailed, we will initiate a stop payment through our bank and reissue the missing paycheck, after the 48-hour waiting period required by the bank.  Stop payment requests prior to the 10-day waiting period or for other reasons (i.e. lost my check) you may be responsible for the stop payment fee incurred. 



Sexual & Other Unlawful Harassment

SSE is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes or comments based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated when it creates an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment.


Sexual harassment includes unwelcome advances, requests, physical contact, written communication (i.e. text, e-mail, note, etc.) or verbal conduct of a sexual nature where submission is explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of employment, or where such conduct interferes with work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.


If an employee feels that the words or actions of a manager, fellow employee, third party, vendor or customer constitutes unwelcome sexual harassment, or any other form of unlawful harassment, the employee should report this to his or her supervisor at SSE. If the supervisor is unavailable or if the employee feels that it would be inappropriate to contact the supervisor, or is uncomfortable doing so, the employee should immediately contact any Manager at SSE or any member of management with whom the employee is comfortable.


Employees can raise legitimate concerns, when made in good faith, without fear of reprisals. All complaints will be investigated promptly in an impartial and, to the extent possible, confidential manner.  Complaints can be filed with Ms. SueAnn Naso, (President of SSE) who has full authority to manage issues involving employment harassment.



Employment Policy/Weapons Policy

Consistent with state law employees are prohibited from bringing or possessing Illegal firearms, illegal knives, dangerous instruments or other weapons, whether visible or concealed, on Company property, any client premises (consistent with their policies) or to any SSE-sponsored events (collectively, the “Premises”).


It is our policy that employees with concealed carry licenses are prohibited from carrying concealed handguns on the Premises or on any client premises (consistent with their policies).  This prohibition includes concealed weapons of any kind, regardless of whether the individual is licensed to carry the weapon. Additionally, employees are prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon while operating any motor vehicle owned or leased by SSE, or its client, or from illegally concealing a firearm in their own vehicle that is parked on the Premises or on a client’s premises. This policy applies to all SSE employees, visitors, customers, and vendors. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, all firearms, knives with blades over 4”, explosive devices or any other weapon that could be used to threaten, harass, intimidate, injure or cause harm to another individual. A dangerous instrument is defined as any instrument, article, or substance that, under the immediate circumstances can cause death or physical injury.


Any employee who has a question as to whether an instrument, article or substance is considered a weapon or dangerous instrument in violation of this policy should ask for clarification from their supervisor at the client or your SSE representative prior to bringing the instrument, article or substance onto the Premises or a client’s premises.


An employee found to have used a weapon or be in possession of a weapon improperly while on the Premises or a client’s premises will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. SSE may also report the incident to the local law enforcement authorities. 


Substance Abuse Policy

SSE has vital interests in ensuring a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment for our employees, their co-workers, and the customers we serve. The unlawful or improper presence or use of controlled substances or alcohol in the workplace presents a danger to everyone. For these reasons, we have established as a condition of employment and continued employment with SSE the following substance abuse policy.


Employees are prohibited from reporting to work or working while using illegal or unauthorized drugs. Employees are prohibited from reporting to work or working when the employee uses any prescription drugs, except when doctor authorized the employee that the substance does not adversely affect the employee’s ability to safely perform his or her job duties. Employees are also prohibited from reporting for duty or remaining on duty with any alcohol in their systems. Employees are also prohibited from consuming alcohol during working hours, including meal and break periods.


In addition, employees are prohibited from engaging in the unlawful or unauthorized manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale or possession of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, controlled substances or alcohol in the Premises: on client/Company paid time, in client/Company vehicles, or while engaged in client/Company activities. Off duty sale or use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs is also prohibited.  SSE employees are required to maintain a work environment that is free of illegal drugs, alcohol, firearms, or other improper material.  The Company prohibits the possession, transfer, sale or use of such materials on the Premises. 


The use and possession of medical marijuana, while on SSE premises and while conducting business-related activities off SSE premises, no employee may use, possess, distribute, sell, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, including medical marijuana. Employees using medical marijuana with a valid physician certificate and/or medical marijuana card are not exempt from the policy and will be subject to all provisions of the policy.  Employees are required to notify Human Resources of their use of any prescription drug that affects their ability to work.


Your employment or continued employment with SSE is conditioned upon your full compliance with the foregoing substance abuse policy.


Any violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. SSE further reserves the right to take all appropriate and lawful actions necessary to enforce this substance abuse policy. Employees who are tested for reasonable cause will be suspended until the Company receives the test results. If the test results are negative, the employee will be paid for the time off suspension; however, if the employee tests positive, the employee will not be compensated for the suspended time off.


Consistent with its fair employment policy, SSE maintains a policy of nondiscrimination and reasonable accommodation with respect to recovering addicts and alcoholics, and those having a medical history reflecting the treatment for substance abuse conditions upon proper/prior notice to SSE.


Employees of SSE are required to abide by all rules and regulations of the Company and its clients.



Injury/Workers’ Compensation

Should you become injured or involved in an incident on your assignment, you must notify SSE of any job-related accident, injury, or incident immediately, even if first aid has been administered at a client facility.  Employees are required to complete an incident report on all occurrences.  Employees may be required to submit to a substance abuse screening as well as breath alcohol testing if involved in an accident on the Premises or on Company time where outside medical treatment is needed.  In the case of first aid drug and alcohol testing may not be required.  First aid refers to medical attention that is usually administered immediately after the injury occurs and at the location where it occurred. It often consists of a one-time, short-term treatment and requires little technology or training to administer. First aid can include cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, or scratches; treating a minor burn; applying bandages and dressings; the use of non-prescription medicine; draining blisters; removing debris from the eyes; massage; and drinking fluids to relieve heat stress.

Each employee is expected to obey all safety rules and to exercise caution in all work activities.  Employees must immediately report any unsafe condition. Employees who violate a safety standard of SSE or a client and who causes hazardous or dangerous situations, or who fail to report or, where appropriate, remedy such situation may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


SSE is an Ohio state insured employer for workers’ compensation, through Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC).  Health Management Solutions, Inc is a Managed Care Organization (MCO) to administer workers’ compensation claims.  All medical information, reports and pre-determinations, bills, etc. should be directed to Health Management Solutions, Inc. for approval and processing. 


Outside of Ohio, SSE is insured for workers’ compensation.  Gallagher Bassett is a Managed Care Organization (MCO to administer workers’ compensation claims.  All medical information, reports and per-determinations, bills, etc. should be directed to Gallagher Bassets for approval and processing


A post-accident drug screen and or alcohol test may be required for any employee that is involved in an on-the-job accident or injury under circumstances that suggest possible involvement or influence of drugs or alcohol in the accident or injury event.  Any employee who refuses to submit to a drug or alcohol test under Company policy or otherwise fail to cooperate with testing procedures may be subject to immediate termination.  During the time between reporting of the injury and the passing of a successful drug test, employees are not permitted to work.



The Responsibilities of the Injured Worker (employee)


  • Immediately report injury or incident to your supervisor and SSE, as stated in employee important information.
  • Seek prompt medical treatment.
  • Complete accident or incident report, along with all necessary paperwork to file a claim. Return all paperwork to the corporate office and cooperate with any subsequent injury investigation.
  • Provide all necessary information to SSE.
  • Stay in contact with your Customer Service Manager and keep them advised of your progress as you recover from your injury.

SSE considers its employees our most important asset.  Each employee has the responsibility to report to work both physically fit and mentally alert and to learn to abide by all safe-working procedures outlined in your job.  If you are concerned about the safety of the facility, equipment, chemical use, safety equipment or methods of performing your position at the location you have been assigned, it is your obligation to immediately discuss the concern to your supervisor at your assigned location and your SSE representative, so the concern can be addressed and appropriate action can be taken if necessary to ensure the safety or our employees.  Furthermore, it is the employee’s responsibility to abide by all safety rules at your assigned location.


Employee training on various safety issues are conducted by the client you are placed at.  Training may include (but is not limited to) Back Safety, Fire drills, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazardous Communication, Electrical Safety, Fire Prevention and Personal Protective Equipment. 


The following is a listing of mandatory safety rules.  The list is not all-inclusive but is provided for your guidance on conducting work in a safe manner. 

Mandatory Safety Rules


  • Always use the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is always required by both SSE and the client. If you do not have the required PPE for your assigned job, you must ask your SSE representative or the customer representative to provide it for you.
  • Never lift more than 60 lbs. maximum or the maximum limit permitted by your personal physician. If asked to lift more than this, please contact a Company representative.
  • Never work on surfaces over 4 feet high without railing or fall protection unless permission has been obtained from SSE.
  • Never use chemicals which you cannot identify or have not been trained to use.
  • Never operate a forklift or other powered lift truck unless you have been trained and certified to do so by the customer.
  • Never operate machinery or powered tools of any kind which you have not been trained to use.
  • Never operate machinery without the proper safety devices, pull backs and/or guards in place.
  • Never operate a piece of equipment or machinery that appears to be unsafe.
  • Never enter horseplay, mischief, or misconduct while on the job site.
  • Always wear seat belts when being transported via a Company vehicle or in the vehicle of another worker.
  • Never bring, use, and/or sell illegal drugs or alcohol on the Premises.
  • Never bring any type of weapon or firearm to the Premises.
  • Always report all accidents and near misses per the Company Injury Reporting Policy.
  • Always report unsafe working conditions to your Company representative.

The violation of any of these Mandatory Safety Rules is grounds for immediate termination.  Reporting unsafe working conditions will not jeopardize your employment with SSE.  Any injury sustained due to the violation of any of these safety rules may not be covered by workers’ compensation.



As a valued member of the Staffing Solutions Enterprises team, your health and well-being are important to us.  In the event that you are diagnosed with COVID-19, or suspected of having COVID-19 and have come into contact with employees at the client you are assigned to work at, within the preceding 14 days, you will need to notify Staffing Solutions Enterprises immediately (no later than 24 hours) after your learn of the situation. The notification will need to include the names of the individuals you encountered during this time, and the dates of the contact. Your health and safety are important as well, and we will communicate to you in the event a clients’ employee is diagnosed with COVID-19 or is suspected of having COVID-19 and you have been in direct contact with them.

The client you are assigned at will keep you advised of their safety policies and procedures that will apply to all individuals working at their location. If you have questions or concerns about the safety standards put into place at your assigned location please contact your SSE representative

Based on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Staffing Solutions Enterprises recommends that employees
* Avoid close contact with people who are sick
* Avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth
* Stay home when they are sick
* Cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash
* Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe
* Wear a face mask where mandatory and where not mandatory where a mask when you show symptoms for a respiratory illness, including COVID-19
* Wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing (if soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol)
* To learn more about the novel Coronavirus and keep up with the latest developments, see the About Coronavirus Disease 2019 and CDC’s Frequently Asked Questions and Answers webpages. For information about handwashing, see CDC’s Handwashing website.

* For information on the Pandemic preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act, please refer to the EEOC web site at

If you have questions or concerns regarding this information please contact your SSE Representative.



FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

A leave of absence of (up to 12 weeks) in a 12-month calendar period will be granted to all eligible employees for the following purposes: 

  • The birth and care of the employee’s child.
  • The placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care.
  • To care for a spouse (includes individuals in lawfully recognized same sex and common law marriages and marriages that were validly entered into outside of the united States if they could be entered into in at least one state), child, parent or military family member who has a “serious health condition” (an illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition that involves inpatient care or continuing treatment by a health care provider).
  • The existence of a serious health condition rendering the employee unable to perform the functions of his or her position.

To be eligible an employee must have been employed for at least 12 months and must have worked for at least 1,250 hours during the previous 12-month period. 


In the event of a leave due to the serious health condition of the employee, any unused sick days (if applicable) will be applied and paid accordingly.  The balance of the leave will be unpaid.


Coverage under the existing Group Health Insurance Plan will be continued during the leave of absence under the same terms as if the employee continued to work.  The employee must continue co-payment of premiums as applicable.


A leave of absence due to the serious medical condition of the employee, an immediate family member or military service member (as defined by the law) will require the certification of the appropriate health care provider.  Additionally, employees may be required to submit to a medical exam by a physician of the Company’s choosing to substantiate the need for the leave or fitness to return to work.  Leave may be taken on an intermittent or reduced work schedule basis when medically necessary due to a family member’s or the employee’s own serious health condition.  When intermittent or reduced schedule leave is foreseeable due to planned medical treatment, the employee must try to schedule the treatment so as not to unduly disrupt the Company’s or Client’s operation and the Company or Client may temporarily transfer the employee to an alternative position for which the employee is qualified, if it better accommodates the employee’s re-occurring periods of leave.


The request for leave must be made to your customer service manager at least thirty 30 days before the leave is to begin unless the need for the leave was unforeseeable.  In that event, the request is to be made at the earliest possible time.  Employees may be required to provide sufficient documentation to support the need for the leave.


For further information about the FMLA, please contact Kathleen R. Bodnar, Controller 440-461-1652


In addition to the leaves of absence described above and consistent with the needs of the Company, an additional medical leave of absence may be granted as described in the Additional Unpaid Leaves of Absence policy.



Additional Unpaid Leaves of Absence

Should a situation arise that temporarily prevents an employee from working, he or she may be eligible for a leave of absence without pay.  An additional unpaid leave of absence may be granted to an employee at the sole discretion of the Company if the employee has been employed by the Company for at least ninety (90) calendar days and must be absent from work for medical reasons or personal reasons of an urgent nature.


The employee must submit a written request for leave to his or her immediate supervisor as far in advance as possible for approval by Company management.  Unpaid leave will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be granted upon presentation of satisfactory evidence of the need for leave and subsequent approval by Company management.  Leave may be extended at the sole discretion of the Company upon presentation of satisfactory evidence of the need for continued leave.


In all cases, an employee must exhaust all paid time off to which he or she is entitled before an additional unpaid leave of absence will be granted.


While on a leave of absence under this policy, the employee’s medical coverage will end on the (1st day of the month following the start of such leave).  Employees will have the opportunity of continuing their benefits consistent with state law and COBRA legislation.


At the end of an employee’s leave of absence, the Company will try to return an employee to his or her former position or comparable position; however, the Company cannot guarantee reemployment after the end of an employee’s leave of absence unless otherwise required by law.  In addition, the Company may require medical authorization before an employee will be permitted to return to work following a leave of absence for medical reasons.


An employee must first exhaust all FMLA leave and vacation time for which he or she is eligible before any additional unpaid leave may be requested.  An employee who does not meet the qualifications for leave under the Family and Medical Leave of Absence policy may request leave under this Additional Unpaid Leaves of Absence policy only.


Alternative Work Location Requirements


An employee may be eligible to work remotely (alternative work location) if their duties can be performed efficiently and effectively within their home office environment.  An employee may be required to meet with their supervisor, other employees, or vendors in the office or at offsite locations.  Remote work does not impact the terms and conditions of your employment with SSE or the company. 


The Supervisor will develop the work from home arrangement tailored to the employee/department needs by using the following requirements:

  • Employee’s must be able to carry out the same duties, assignments, and other work responsibilities at their home office as they would when working in the office (quiet and distraction free workspace).
  • Employee’s must arrange for care for children or adults during work hours (another person must be present to provide the care).
  • Employee’s must have a dedicated workspace that meets workers compensation guidelines (proper ergonomics, no hazards, ability to work productively)
  • Employee must be available to attend scheduled meetings and participate in other required office activities at the home office as required.
  • The employee and manager will agree to the work schedule along with frequency of communication. Employees are still required to work their total hours for the week (typically 40 hours).  Employees who are not exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair labor Standards Act are required to record all hours worked in a manner designated by the company.  Hours worked in excess of those specified will require advance approval of the supervisor.   
  • Performance standards and measurements will be set by the Supervisor.
  • The Employee will dedicate their full attention to their job duties during working hours
  • The Employee will be reachable online or by phone within a reasonable time during the agreed upon work schedule.
  • The Employee will adhere to all meal and rest breaks and attendance schedules agreed upon with supervisor and in compliance with state law.
  • The employee will comply with the company rules, policies, practices, and instructions and understands that violation of such may result in revocation of the remote agreement and or disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

Security/Privacy – Securing data and company information is the utmost concern.  Employee’s will follow consistently all the company’s expectations of security and are expected to ensure the protection of company and customer information accessible from their home.  The company will make the requirements and may include:

  • Employees are to follow the company’s policies and procedures
  • Locked filed cabinets and desks
  • Regular password maintenance
  • Breach notification established communication
  • Business Equipment owned by the Company will be protected and restricted to business purpose only (personal use will not be permitted). The company will provide equipment and materials needed by the employee to effectively perform their duties.  However, the company will not duplicate resources between the office and the alternate work location.  The company will approve the use of personal equipment on an individual basis. 

Costs – SSE nor the company is not obligated to assume responsibility for operating costs, home maintenance or other costs incurred by the employee in the use of their homes as an alternative work location.


Liability – SSE nor the company assumes responsibility for injuries occurring in the employee’s alternative work location outside the agreed upon work hours or for injuries that occur during working hours but do not arise out of and in the course if employment.  SSE and the company assume no liability for damages to the employees real or personal property resulting from working from home.  Workers Compensation coverage is limited to designated work areas in employee’s homes or alternative work locations.  Employees agree to practice the same safety habits they would use in the workplace and to maintain safe conditions in their alternative work location.  Employees must follow normal procedures for reporting illness or injury. 


Emergency Procedures

Assignment Employees who are working at another facility should follow emergency procedures at that location.


As soon as possible or if you are required to leave the area, notify an SSE specialist and inform them of your status (location where you are, health and wellbeing and a number you can be reached at).

  • 440-461-1652
  • 440-685-7218
  • Primary e-mail:



References/Emergency Numbers


  • Fire, Police, Medical Emergency 911
  • (Most business require 9 to be dialed for an outside line i.e. 9,911; make sure you know the requirements for the location you are currently working at)
  • Poison Control Center 800-222-1222
  • United Way of Cleveland 216-436-2100
  • Ohio Department of Health
  • Local Weather Conditions
  • Real Time Road Conditions
  • American Red Cross 216-431-3010;


Programs and Benefits

As an SSE employee, you can participate in discretionary programs and benefits designed around your needs. Some of these programs are available to you immediately upon registration with us.


The various program options are outlined here. Please read on for each program’s eligibility requirements. More details on all the programs and benefits are available through your local SSE branch representative.

  • Holiday Pay/Vacation bonus Pay
  • Sick time if required by law
  • Health Insurance
  • 401 (k) Savings Plan
  • The Work Number
  • Discounts on Entertainment and other services
  • Firefighters Community Credit Union (Lake and Cuyahoga Counties in Ohio)
  • Cross Country Mortgage (savings when purchasing or refinance your home)


Holiday Pay/Vacation Bonus

A separate Holiday Pay of up to 8 hours of pay is issued to Regular Assignment Employees* within 3 weeks of the holiday once the following parameters have been met:

  • Have worked 1,000 career hours*, accumulated by the week prior to the holiday.
  • Worked a minimum of 325 hours in the 13 weeks prior to the holiday.
  • Work the business day before and after the holiday.
  • Working on an assignment at the time holiday pay is issued.

Holiday Pay is available for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Holiday Pay is an automatic payment upon meeting the above parameters and hours should not be recorded in electronic timekeeping submission for that day. 

*if a gap in service greater than or equal to 90 days, career hours are re-set to zero.


A separate Vacation Bonus pay (no time off) is issued to Regular Assignment Employees* the second full week of July (i.e. the 1st falls on a Thursday that week is not counted as a week), once the following parameters have been met:

  • Worked 1,200 hours in a 12-month period (between July 1st and June 30th).
  • A Regular Assignment Employee* working on assignment at the time of payment.
  • The bonus is calculated at the current rate of pay.
  • This is an automatic payment upon meeting the above parameters.

*” Regular Assignment Employee” excludes Payrolling classification and is an employee who is currently working on an assignment.



Sick Time

If local or state law requires sick time processing, it will appear on your payroll stub.



Health Insurance

Employees who work an average of 30 hours or more a week are eligible for health insurance on the first of the monthly following a 60-day waiting period.  Health insurance enrollment materials will be available on the iSolved site for 45 days (


Coverage offered is provided by Medical Mutual and designed to provide benefits for routine health care, including doctor office visits, wellness exams, prescription drugs and hospital coverage.  There are three plans from which to choose.  All three plans meet the requirements under the Affordable Care Act and will eliminate your exposure to the mandated penalty for failure to carry health insurance.  The $6450 Med Option plan is made affordable to you in compliance with federal regulations.  If you choose not to elect insurance, you may not qualify for government subsidies for individual coverage and will be subject to IRS penalties.  


Premiums will be paid through payroll deduction, making it easy for you to enroll in and keep coverage.  Deductions will be taken on a pre-tax basis, which means you do not pay taxes on the premium, making coverage even more affordable (premiums are deducted for the prior work week). Premiums are not deducted in advance from your payroll, Staffing Solutions Enterprises, Inc. pays for coverage prior to the start of a new month.  If your employment ends during the month, any additional weeks of premium will be considered due and when possible collected out of any remaining payroll.  Cobra will start at the first of the month. 


While every effort was taken to accurately report benefits, discrepancies are possible.  In case of a discrepancy between information provided and the actual plan documents, the actual plan documents will prevail.  The Employer does not guarantee and is not responsible for the nature or quality of the goods and services provided through any health care provider or program because these goods and services are provided by personnel and agencies outside of the control of the Employer.  This plan in not an employment contract.  Nothing contained in this document nor the information provided gives you the right to be retained in the service of the Employer or interferes with the rights of the Employer to discharge you or to terminate your service at any time. 


401 (k) Plan

SSE offers you the opportunity to save for your retirement through a savings plan which offers a pre-tax investment with potential matching benefits! This plan provides a wonderfully flexible savings plan for your future. You can contribute up to the current IRS contributions limits of your pay and SSE will match .25% of your investment, up to 4% (i.e. elect to contribute 4% SSE will match 1%).


To participate in the plan, you must be an eligible employee, must be at least the age of 18 and must complete a year of service with SSE.  Definition of year of service.  For this purpose, you will earn a year of service if you work at least 1,000 hours during a 12-month period immediately following your date of hire.  If you do don’t work at least 1,000 hours during the 12-month period immediately following your date of hire, you will earn a year of service for purposes of plan participation if you work at least 1,000 hours during any plan year beginning after your date of hire.  You will be eligible to participate in the plan as of the first entry date based on when you satisfy the minimum age and service requirements.  The amounts you contribute are immediately vested and always belong to you. The matching contributions will be fully vested after three (3) years of service.


Eligible employees will be provided with a packet of information detailing this program during each enrollment period. There are four (4) enrollment periods per year.


This information is intended to summarize your 401K plan.   While every effort was taken to accurately report your benefits, discrepancies are possible.  In case of a discrepancy between this information and the actual plan documents, the actual plan documents will prevail.


Employment Verification Requests, SSE uses The Work Number

The Work Number from Equifax provides automatic income and employment verifications.

                To the lender provide:

                                Employer Code #16915

                                Your Social Security Number

                                Direct them to or 1-800-367-5690

                For Social services or government agencies provide:

Employer Code #16915

                                Your Social Security Number

                                Direct them call 1-800-660-3399


Best Benefit Club

The best discounts available to you (travel, shopping, entertainment, food):

Register as a new user and the activation code is: sse4710


Firefighters Community Credit Union FFCCU

Firefighters Community Credit Union is a full-serviced financial institution that is open to everyone in Lake and Cuyahoga Counties.  FFCCU offers the same products and services as larger financial institutions and has highly competitive rates.  FFCCU members have access to over 31,000 ATM’s that are surcharge free for withdrawals and 3,100 shared branching locations.  Call 216-621-4644 for more information.


Cross Country Mortgage

As an employee of SSE, you and your family member are eligible to enjoy savings when you purchase or refinance your home. You or your family member may Save up to $2,198 in fees on your next mortgage.  For additional detail or to apply go to or call 216-270-7400


Fifth Third Bank Benefits

Benefits Center

You are eligible for Exclusive Banking discounts and solutions to fit your unique Financial Needs. Click the link below to explore what’s available to you through the Fifth Third Membership Advantage Program or schedule an appointment with a Fifth Third Personal Banker.


Financial Education Center

Build confidence around the Financial Decisions you face at any point in your career. Fifth Third Membership Advantage provides you access to 40+ digital course offerings and tools available on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Learn at a pace and place that is most convenient to you.



Assignment Commitment and Conduct

General Guidelines

You may be working in one or many of our clients’ facilities. The assignments you accept will provide you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience and to grow professionally. In many cases it can be the beginning of an exciting new career path. With your acceptance of the position(s), you will be assuming the responsibility of representing SSE and doing your absolute best to meet the client’s expectations.


Following are some guidelines that will help you make a great impression and achieve the success you desire:

  • Be sure you have a full understanding of the job description and expectations of the client before accepting the assignment.
  • Follow the work rules of the department in which you are working. It is important to ask your supervisor on the first day if there are any specific rules you will be required to follow. In all cases you will be expected to behave professionally.
  • Good attendance and punctuality are expected. Should an emergency occur that prevents you from arriving on time or going to work, contact your SSE supervisor as well as your department supervisor immediately.
  • A flexible attitude and proactive work style are keys to success on all assignments. It is almost impossible to communicate every aspect of each assignment. If you are asked to take on a task that was not originally discussed, your willingness to be flexible will go a long way. In addition, should you complete a task or find you cannot move on without more direction, be proactive and ask for assistance.

Personal Use of Company Equipment and Cell Phones

  • Personal Use of Company Telephone, Internet, Fax, and Copy machines are not permitted. However, many organizations will allow you to make local personal calls or check personal email during your lunch break. If you find this necessary, please ask your supervisor before initiating any action.
  • Cell Phones must always be turned off during work hours. In addition, some organizations do not permit cell phones to be brought into their facilities. Should you be assigned to an organization that does not permit cell phones on their Premises, and you take public transportation which makes it difficult for you to comply, check with your supervisor to determine if there are provisions for employees to check cell phones at the door.
  • You are expected to demonstrate sound judgment always when using a Network Facility. You are not permitted to use the Network, web or e-mail in connection with any outside business ventures, political, religious causes, to threaten or make harassing communications, or to malign any individual or group on the basis of sex, race, national origin, religion, age, disability or other protected classification or to search for or negotiate employment outside of the Company.
  • You may not disclose to any unauthorized party confidential information of the Company or client and should exercise reasonable care to avoid inadvertent disclosure of such confidential information when transferring data. You should consider the sensitivity of the information.
  • You should also assume that any communication made to any party by e-mail or otherwise might be reproduced, saved, forwarded, or republished to the public, even if you expressly withhold permission to do so.
  • Your statements and actions reflect upon the Company and or Client, even when you make clear that you do not speak for the Company and or Client. Accordingly, personnel should always avoid conduct that might be viewed as unprofessional.
  • In addition, the Network Facilities may not be used in any attempt to disable, defeat, or circumvent the privacy or security measures of, disable, damage, and tamper with or introduce a virus or other disabling code into, any computer or computer system maintained by others.

Confidential Client Information

In connection with your assignment(s) as a temporary employee, information that the client considers to be confidential and proprietary may be disclosed to you, either by direct disclosure or by observation, and you may also be in a position to discover, create, develop or improve certain procedures, products or services while assigned to a client. 


You are required to follow the client’s regulations regarding such confidential information, including but not limited to:

  • Treat information as proprietary information.
  • Information will remain in strict confidence during and after your assignment.
  • All documents will be returned to the client upon end of assignment or clients’ request.
  • No present or future licenses for inventions, proprietary rights, patents, patent applications, know-how, discovery, or improvements made are granted or implied by the client to the assignment employee (you).
  • You will disclose in writing to Client each improvement, discovery, idea and invention relating to the business of the client made or conceived by assignment employee (you) as a result of work done while assigned to client, either alone or in conjunction with others. You will not disclose any such improvement, discovery, idea, or invention to any person other than an employee of the client.
  • Each such improvement, discovery, idea, or invention shall be the sole and exclusive property of the client.

The successful business operation and reputation of the Company are built upon the principles of fair dealings and ethical conduct of our employees. Our reputation for integrity and excellence requires careful observance of the spirit and the letter of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as scrupulous regard for the highest standards of conduct and personal integrity. You are expected to protect the confidentiality of our client’s information including but not limited to Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and client imposed confidential documents obtained and used during business. In general, the use of good judgment, based on high ethical principles, will guide you with respect to lines of acceptable conduct. If a situation arises where it is difficult to determine the proper course of action, the matter should be discussed openly with your staffing specialists.


Compliance is the responsibility of every SSE employee. Disregarding or failing to comply with any standard of business ethics and conduct could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including possible termination of employment.


Blogging Policy

Blogging has become a popular activity on the internet, and you may now or in the future decide to start a blog.  SSE takes no position on your decision to start or maintain a blog.  You are however prohibited from blogging on work time or during work hours. Likewise, you many not use client’s computers, hosting environments or other Company provided devices to blog. 


Employees of SSE are subject to the Company’s discipline policy for any blog that discusses, directly or indirectly, the Company or a client of the Company, its business or its managers, employees, or former employees.  That is true for current Company activities, planned activities or activities being discussed.


Clients, partners, vendors, current or past employees should not be cited or referenced in any blog or social network site.


Employees are required to comply with SSE policies concerning confidentially and propriety information.  Employees are not to discuss information that the Company or a client requests not to be discussed for confidentially or legal reasons.


Social Network Policy

Social networks (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube but not limited) are popular forms of social networks.  Only sites that are business related should be accessed or used during or within the work environment.  All other sites should be accessed from your personal devices.  Employees must understand and take care that any profile link to their place of employment should not contain anything that could be potentially embarrass or otherwise reflect poorly on SSE or a client. 


SSE employees are not permitted to access personal social networks during work hours or on Company computers, hosting environment or other Company provided devices.  Employees are required to comply with SSE policies concerning confidentially and proprietary information.  Employees are not to discuss information that the Company or a client requests not to be discussed for confidentially or legal reasons.  


Nothing in this policy is to be interpreted to interfere with the right of employees to organize, join, form, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively. 



Non-Solicitation Policy

For safety and privacy reasons, employees are prohibited from soliciting for any outside activity or organization during work time unless the solicitation is approved by SSE and is in accordance with the requirements and restrictions of this policy. SSE defines solicitation as including verbal or written communication, raffle tickets, for-sale merchandise, e-mail distributions, circulars, handbills, or other kinds of literature.

Furthermore, employees should not use SSE or a client of SSE’s computer and communication systems and materials – including inter-department mail, e-mail, telephone, fax, supplies, or other related workplace equipment for any purposes not directly related to workplace business and/or activities without the expressed approval of a supervisor. Posting or distribution of non-work-related materials should be limited to non-work areas during non-work times. Non-work times include break periods, mealtimes, or other specified periods during the workday when staff are not expected to be performing their work tasks.


SSE is committed to complying with the requirements and standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”).   A Privacy Officer has been established to develop, implement, maintain, and provide oversight of our HIPAA compliance program.  In addition, policies and procedures have been updated to comply with HIPAA.  Should you have any questions regarding SSE’s HIPAA compliance efforts please contact the Controller via e-mail at


SSE is committed to complying with the requirements and standards of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA).  Should you have any questions regarding SSE’s USERRA compliance efforts please contact the Controller via e-mail at


Application Commitment and Content


I authorize SSE to conduct a pre-employment investigation of my competence, character, general reputation, and personal characteristics. Also, I authorize that any information concerning such matters will be obtained through contacts or interviews with former employers, friends, associates or other persons with whom I am acquainted or who may have knowledge concerning the attributes referred to. I release SSE, its agents and employees and any other persons from all liability in connection with this investigation.


If employed, I agree that if at any time I make claims against the Company for personal injuries, upon request, I will submit myself to examination by a physician or physicians of the Company’s selection as often as may be requested.


I understand that employment with SSE is an employment at will; where, if employed by SSE, I may sever my employment for any reason and SSE may terminate my services on the same basis. Further I understand and agree that nothing contained in any written materials given to me is intended to be an offer or promise or agreement by SSE to employ me for any specified period of time, or a limitation on the right of both me and SSE to end employment at any time for any reason. Should I be given employment, either the position applied for, or some other, now or hereafter, I agree that such employment may be terminated at any time without liability to me for wages or salary except such as may have been earned at the date of such termination.


If employed, I agree to observe all SSE’s rules and regulations. I certify that all information on this form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief; and I understand that I will be subject to dismissal if I have made any misrepresentation herein.


I understand and agree that, if I am employed by SSE, I will not seek or accept employment either directly or indirectly from any customer of SSE to whom I have been assigned to work in the establishment of said customer or had contact with said customer’s working supervisor in the course of my employment with SSE.


I understand that I may not operate or drive any motorized vehicle, travel on behalf of the customer or operate any machinery (except office machinery) or handle cash, securities, or other valuables without SSE’s prior written consent.


I understand that, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.1 12, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance on to the Premises.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), if you are not hired by SSE because of information listed in your credit report, you will be notified and will receive instructions on how to get a copy of the report from the consumer reporting company.


FCRA requires each nationwide consumer reporting company – Equifax, Experian, and Transunion to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months. To order your free annual report from one or all national consumer reporting companies, visit or call 877-322-8222.


I understand that I have the option to request the findings from a credit, background, or drug test.  I also understand the findings of such reports may be released to a client prior or during working at the location.


As an applicant/employee of the Company who resides in the state of Ohio, I hereby acknowledge and authorize SSE to provide and share/exchange basic payroll information with Cuyahoga County for the purpose of making county eligible participants aware of additional programs they may be entitled to during their employment


Staffing Solutions Enterprises will enforce policies and procedures communicated in any form through internal communications such as newsletters, web site updates, e-mail or other written communication as allowed by law.  Failure to comply with any Staffing Solutions Enterprises’ policy may result in disciplinary action against the employee, including suspension or termination.  Questions about any policy should be referred to the Controller, Kathleen R. Bodnar ( or 440-684-7218 ext. 115) who oversees administering, enforcing, and updating policies.


Important Limitations

This information does not constitute a contract for employment with SSE, either express or implied. The Company reserves the right at any time to change, delete or add to any of the information listed here at its sole discretion. The important information is designed to serve as guidelines rather than absolute rules, and exceptions may be made from time to time based on circumstances.


Full statements of Company policies (i.e. EEOC, ADA, etc.) are on file at each Company location and available upon request.

No prior action taken in interpreting this information or previously issued information may be relied upon as a binding precedent for similar circumstances. Any employee benefit referred to in this information that is covered by a SSE plan document shall, in all instances, be interpreted exclusively in accordance with the plan document which shall control, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this information.


All printed important information remains the property of the Company, and employees are accountable for returning assigned copies upon termination of employment. Under no circumstances is this information, in whole or in part, to be reproduced without the prior written approval from management.