In both support of the efforts and at the request of many Interviewpath clients, we are thrilled to announce that the addition of Cultural Intelligence as the 61st competency in InterviewPath! The InterviewPath team used some of their recent quarantine time to research the most meaningful and impactful way to support your mission/vision/values and enable your critically important commitment to ensure a respectful, diverse, inclusive, civil, and collaborative workplace.    
We have defined Cultural Intelligence as:

Understands and appreciates the differences in backgrounds, values, personal beliefs, experiences, actions, and attitudes of others; resulting in a culture of acceptance, respect, civility, and belonging, enabling positive business results. Is committed to equity and inclusion, and creating an environment that is fair, just, and welcoming. 

Using our most collaborative effort to date; this definition, the anchors, and the supporting questions were developed with the input of a diverse group of clients, hiring managers, recruiters, HR leaders, and, of course, our attorney. This group represents a broad range of life views based on background, personality, experience, age (gasp, we even talked to millennials!), race, gender, and sexual orientation.
Included with this competency you will find 65 questions (yep, you read that right!) designed to be fair and thought provoking, and to elicit a positive reaction and meaningful responses from candidates. The answers to these questions will allow you to shine a light on critically important factors to confirm candidate alignment with your values.
You will also see that we have taken a broad view of what diversity in the workplace means and provided you with a breadth of angles to approach your interview depending on candidate experience level, your preferred approach and language on the topic, and where you are in your journey towards the culture you aspire to.
In addition to using these questions during the interview process, we feel strongly that you could also use these questions in staff meetings, training, and other facilitated efforts to generate impactful dialogue and increase awareness and understanding among all of your employees.
We hope that you are just as excited to begin using our latest competency as we are to share it with you! If you have any questions or feedback please let us know.  Have a great day!
Blake Babcock

Authorized Re-Seller