A quick and effective way to generate custom interview guides in minutes

InterviewPath is a new, easy to navigate, cloud-based software program that greatly improves the interview experience for both the candidate and the company.  

Organizations that lack standardization in their interviewing process are five times more likely to make a bad hire. InterviewPath helps minimize that risk by standardizing the hiring process and utilizing questions based on selected competencies to identify if a candidate has the precise knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be effective in the hiring role.

Does your organization face any of the following challenges with your interview process?

  • Hiring managers selecting interview questions through a Google search.
  • Inadequate structure and consistency during interviews.
  • Lack of knowledge by current employees as to what questions are inappropriate or illegal to ask potential hires.
  • Pricey, cumbersome, non-customizable interview guides in place.
  • Use of benign or ineffective interview questions that result in poor hiring decisions.
  • Valuable time spent creating/recreating customized interview guides.

InterviewPath allows you to quickly generate custom interview guides at a fraction of the price other companies charge. The software is easy to navigate and provides over 60 competencies, each supported with 15 legal, situational-based interview questions from which to choose. Once a guide is complete, it is yours to keep and use throughout your company. Unlike competitive software, InterviewPath allows companies to submit their own questions and competencies to be added to the system.


InterviewPath Benefits

  • Quickly and easily create relevant, effective interview guides in just minutes.
  • Affordable, customizable interview guides that save time and expedites the interview process.
  • Generates competency-specific, situational-based questions that elicit meaningful responses.
  • Reduces exposure to employment practices liability.
  • Provides structure and consistency to the interview process, while eliminating redundancy in questioning.
  • Encompasses over 60 competencies and more than 1,100 situational-based questions.
  • Developed by top-level HR professionals with a collective experience of almost 100 years.

Each interview guide also includes best practice tips for interviewing, competency-specific recommendations for rating the question responses, and an evaluation form to track the performance of each candidate.

See InterviewPath 2.0 updates here.

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