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How to Navigate the Workforce

Navigating the Workforce after College Are you a recent graduate looking to start your career but are unsure of how to navigate the workforce? Well, you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by Accenture, 49% of recent college graduates consider themselves to be underemployed or in a field that does not require a…
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Tips for Retaining Key Employees

Retaining Key Employees Employee turnover, especially in key positions, can be quite costly. It can lead to decreased productivity, employee morale issues and lost knowledge. For these reasons and many more, employee retention is essential for creating a profitable and healthy business. Here are several ways you can help reduce turnover and retain your key employees.…
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Impact of Workplace Flexibility

What is Workplace Flexibility? Workplace flexibility is an adjustment of how a job functions with the goal of improving the balance between work and personal duties. Whether this entails allowing employees to work from home 2 days a week, or letting them leave work an hour early for an appointment, workplace flexibility can improve the overall…
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Diverse Workplace Strategies Allow Women to Excel

Many organizations struggle with retaining top talent and fail to provide the resources employees need to succeed. Whether it's an inflexible work policy, an "old boy's club" mentality, or lack of creative solutions to meet each employee's unique needs, high-turnover and unhappy employees can have a negative impact on your business and brand. Staffing Solutions Enterprises…
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