How to Write a Compelling Job Ad

Author: Katie Forsha

Listen, we all know why you’re here. You’re probably hitting a wall in the world of social algorithms and Reels, or maybe you don’t even know what a Reel is, in which case, we really have some work to do, but nonetheless, the world of digital promotion is a beast and you’re lost.

That’s where I come in.

I won’t bore you with some history of marketing strategies throughout the decades, nor will I give you the golden ticket to the most incredible social media posts because frankly, that ticket will expire quick with the ever-changing algorithm (thanks, Google). But, what I will do is share with you some tips for creating strong job postings that have worked well for us at SSE, and I have a feeling, will work well for you too.

Tips for writing a compelling job post (& getting traction!!)

Rule #1: Keep it fun

  • Bait & Hook. Bait As someone who has applied to their fair share of jobs, I have to say that job postings with a unique description are the ones that catch my eye. I don’t mean explaining the day to day responsibilities, because that’s exactly what is listed below. I mean the ones that speak to the company culture, make me laugh or sound like a human actually wrote it. While it may take more time, it sets you apart from the traditional formatting that bombard the pages of job sites. 


  • Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are hoping to attract. Are you looking for someone with intricate skills or a candidate who is willing to learn? Now narrow that down and think about the atmosphere of your business.  Is your company the hipster-Silicon-Valley-type with snacks and nap pods (and if you are, can I please come visit?!). Do you work in cubes or is it an open environment? Whatever it is, paint a picture of your business for the candidate. You are looking for someone who values the same workplace style that you offer, so get it all out on the table!

Rule #2: Use images to tell your story

If a strong job posting is the brie cheese of a charcuterie board, consider the job ad image to be the berry jam on top. It takes the cheese to the next level, adds some flair and creates conversation.

Now I’m hungry.

So why do you need a job ad when you already have a job posting? Well here’s where the whole digital thing enters the conversation. Typically, job postings are long-form content, including what is often a page-worth of descriptions and long-winded verbiage. It’s all the nitty gritty that the right candidate will want to read once they decide that the title and epic introductory description lured them in. But, it’s the image that will catch the eye of the right candidate to lure them in. 

What to include in a job ad image

  • Always use images in the image

Painting a picture of what the candidate will do, ie: taking calls, working on the computer, operating machinery, etc., helps visual learners understand the job description before they even read a word. It offers the opportunity for candidates to see themselves in the role, and might just be the little kick they need to read more.

  • Keep it consistent

Make sure to use your branding to your advantage. As fun as it is to  mix up the design, sticking to your brand colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic time and time again will help establish brand recognition for candidates.

  • Keep it short & sweet

There’s only so much that fits on a social post, so make sure you leave some of the verbiage for the caption, and keep the core information on the image  itself. We tend to follow the format of including these elements:

    • Job Title
    • One sentence about the role as a whole
    • What you’ll love about the position (as a candidate) – pay, location, etc.
    • What we’ll love about you (the candidate) – responsibilities and qualifications

There ya have it friends, the secret sauce for writing a compelling job ad! Let us know what you think and/or if you have other tips to add! 


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