SSE Explained: I Need Recruiters

& I Need Them…Yesterday

Author: Blake Babcock

I saw the below post on LinkedIn this week:

My first reaction was…HOLY SMOKES (I didn’t say smokes). My second reaction was to see what the Local Northeast Ohio Landscape looked like, so I searched “Jobs” in LinkedIn with the location set to “Cleveland, Ohio” and radius of 50 miles.

– 6,496 active “Recruiter” jobs

– 387 posted in the last 24 hours

– 1,506 posted in the last week

– 5,105 posted in the last month

If you’re in this position with recruiting roles open, here’s a few things you can do:

Hustle. That’s networking, pro-actively reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn, Indeed etc. Didn’t you see above? There are 6,496 open opportunities, they don’t need to find your job. Their next job is finding them. 

Stop looking for a recruiter and starting looking for the skills necessary to recruit and hire them. Don’t have the time to train them? You spent the last month looking for a recruiter when you could have hired someone who isn’t and trained them for the last month. End rant. 

We’ve forever been plagued by “previous experience” vs “skills required for the job”. Someone with a background in sales, customer service, and or call center work might be looking for a career change.


If you asked me to help, what are your options?

    • Direct Hire: If filling the recruiter role on a direct hire basis is the best solutions, yes, we do that.  Most of the time it’s not though.
    • Contract recruiter: Is the recruiter job you have open really a full-time job or are you just trying to get caught up? If it’s the former, a contract recruiter is a great way to solve the immediate issue while your team looks for the permanent hire. If it’s the ladder, then a contract recruiter can fill the gap and get your team caught up for the needed amount of time.
    • Hourly Sourcing: Your issue is capacity in the form of time for your recruiting team.  They spend more time speaking to unqualified candidates and or prepping for interviews where the candidate doesn’t even answer.  Our hourly sourcing model handles all the top of the funnel fun.  Job posting, sourcing, and screening candidates.  Your team speaks with the most qualified candidates from our work helping them focus on higher priorities/jobs.

Just refreshed my screen…more recruiter jobs posted.  Let’s chat.


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