Author: Blake Babcock

SSE Proven Process

As part of our EOS journey we have developed a proven process. 

What is a proven process?

“A proven process is the proven way you provide your service or product to your customers. You do it every time and it produces the same result.”

More on the EOS Proven Process:



Often times clients simply state, “I need this temp roll filled, here’s the job description.  Can you send us someone?”.  Discovery is essential in learning more about the organization, its culture and how this role contributes to the success of the organization.  Discovery also dives into understanding what the desired outcome is.  If the clients opening is actually a full time role, but they haven’t had success filling on their own so defaulted to “send a temp” and if they are good we will hire them.  When digging into what the efforts have been to fill the role we learn the client’s approach to filling the role was to post on their website and there was little to no response. Whereas, our direct hire team will actively solicit passive candidates in the market to the opportunity creating a much larger pipeline of potential candidates vs “post and pray.” Discovery brings the desired outcome to light while solving the root cause of why the desired outcome has not yet been achieved.

Recommended Solution 

One of our three uniques that sets us apart from the competition is our highly customizable and flexible solutions.  The discovery process revealing the desired outcome allows us to solve the underlying issues creating a road block in getting to the desired outcome.  The solution could be outside of your tradition temp or direct hire solution and our capacity to offer different options provides clients options to achieve success.


Solution Design

Once the solution has been agreed upon we communicate with specific clarity (another fundamental of SSE) the KPIs/metrics, roles and responsibilities in delivering the solution.


Engagement Kick-off 

Simply put, we are getting everyone on the same page to engage.


Service Delivery 

Execute what we said we were going to execute 😊


Continual Communication

Oh no!  Something changed!  It’s recruiting, nothing ever happens without an unforeseen roadblock.  Weekly scheduled communication with the client provides an opportunity for transparent communication on the status of our work and or any changes that have occurred on the clients end.


Service Delivery Review 

What went well?  What didn’t go well?  What can we improve upon for the next engagement?

Systematic behaviors in the proven process provide clear expectations and repeatable results.

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