All things NPS

Author: Rachel Mack

How are you measuring your customer service experience?

It goes without saying that every business cares about their customer service experience, but how do you know what you’re providing to your customers is the quality you are looking for? 

Our goal at SSE is to provide a WOW experience for both clients and candidates. But, how do we measure what a ‘WOW’ experience is? That’s where NPS comes in.

What’s NPS? 

What’s NPS all about? Well for starters, NPS stands for Net Promoter Score aka our way of gathering feedback.

NPS is a great universal way to calculate client satisfaction in asking one simple question – How likely are you to recommend our services to a colleague/family/friend.  Zero being not likely to recommend and 10 being likely to recommend.  Once scores are compiled, you utilize the formula below for your score (% Promoters – % Detractors). 


How to calculate NPS Net Promoter Score


What does that mean for us? 

Well, we sent out this survey to see where we landed in the world of staffing. According to ClearlyRated, the staffing industry standard for 2021 reporting was an average of 8.13. 

Our Average rating was a 9.3/10.   

Therefore, we have an NPS score of 78 which places us in the Excellent category.  (See below for explanation of scores). 

what is a good NPS score

So why are we sharing this with you today? Well, for starters, this is our humble brag about our intentionality in providing a WOW experience. We recognize that not every business offers excellent customer service, and we are proud to share that we do. Secondly, this is meant to make you think about how you are gathering feedback from your customers. Whether you use NPS or another method, it’s important to check in and see where you stack up against your goals and even other businesses. 

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