With the launch of our Fundamentals at the beginning of the year, SueAnn Naso, Staffing Solutions President/CEO, shared, “As we head into 2020 and beyond and focus on the future, I want to ensure we intentionally focus on creating a culture of success.  I am sure we are all familiar with what culture is:  It is the commonly-held set of values and principles that show up in the everyday behavior of the people.”

What I acknowledged at the start of this process, in a February 5th blog, to be exact, was that humans love talking about culture.  You can walk into an organization and see their vision and/or mission statement displayed on the wall coupled with some cute buzz words that give us warm fuzzies, but if you asked a random employee to recite it, how many would know it?

That was at the forefront of our minds as we developed and implemented our fundamentals.  How will we ensure that these fundamentals are ingrained in our daily conversations and, most importantly, behaviors? How will we live and breathe these behaviors so that we not only know them but focus on and improve them?

How it’s going:

  • Each week starts with an employee sharing a fundamental and what it means to them (we are on our second time through)
  • When we internally share with the company something positive someone has done or accomplished, we always tie it to a fundamental or two
  • As we look correct or improve certain situations, we tie-in the solutions to our fundamentals as a guide for improvement
  • We’ve implemented the fundamentals into our employee reviews

Thus far, I’ve been pleased by the collective buy-in from staff in ritualizing and living these behaviors. As we continue to march forward into year two since our fundamentals roll-out, we must stay vigilant in our commitment to them as a guiding tool for success.