Employee Rights

Coronavirus Fact Sheet

Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Employee Rights on Government Contracts

Earned Income Tax Credit

E-Verify Login

E-Verify Poster

Fair Labor Standards Act

Fair Labor Standards Act En Espanola

Family and Medical Leave Act

Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal

Military Family Leave Notice

Nursing Mothers Workplace Protections

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)

Right to Work

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

Workers with Disabilities

Workplace Discrimination 


Workplace Violence Prevention

Human Trafficking


Workers Compensation Notice


Workers Compensation 

Minimum Wage Poster

Earned Paid Sick Time

Minimum Wage

Workers Compensation 



Minimum Wage

Notice to Workers Poster

Anti-discrimination Poster

Workers Compensation Poster

Notice of Injury Poster

Notice of Paydays Poster


Minimum Wage Poster

Anti-Discrimination Poster

Reemployment Assistance Program 


Employment Rights

Day Labor Poster

Pregnancy and Your Rights in the Workplace

Worker’s Compensation Notice

Notice to Workers about Unemployment Insurance Benefits


Unemployment Insurance Law Poster

Equal Employment Poster

Worker’s Compensation Notice

Indiana Minimum Wage Poster


Wage Discrimination Poster

Wage and Hours Laws

Safety and Health Protections

Workers Compensation Notice

Equal Opportunity Poster

Information on Unemployment Insurance Benefits


Maine Minimum Wage Poster

Sexual Harassment Poster

Whistleblower’s Protection Act Poster

Workers’ Compensation Poster

Video Display Terminal Poster

Occupational Safety & Health Regulations Poster

Child Labor Laws

Regulation of Employment Poster

Maine Employment Security Act Poster


Wage-Hour Laws Poster

Fair Employment Law Poster

Parental Leave Fact Sheet

Information on Unemployment Insurance Coverage

Earned Sick Time Employee Notice

Workplace Safety and Health Program Poster

Temporary Workers Right To Know Law


Minimum Wage Poster

Unemployment Compensation Notice to Employee

Health and Safety Protection on the Job

North Carolina

Wage and Hour Notice to Employees

Certificate of Coverage and Notice to Workers as to Benefit Rights

Workers’ Compensation Notice to Injured Workers and Employers

New Jersey

Wage and Hour Law Abstract

Earned Income Tax Credit Notice

Employer Obligations to Maintain Record Reports

Employer Poster Packet

Sick Leave

Law Relating to the Payment of Wages

Family Leave Provisions

Unemployment Compensation and Temporary Disability Benefits Laws

Minimum Wage Poster

New Jersey SAFE Act

Right to be Free of Gender Inequity

Discrimination in Employment Poster

Family Leave Act Poster

Right of Misclassification


Ohio BWC Certificate

Ohio Minimum Wage

Civil Rights for Employers Poster

State of Ohio Family Resources 

Ohio Equal Employment Opportunity

Ohio Unemployment Insurance 

Ohio Public Employment Safety and Health Protection (PERRP)


Minimum Wage

Family Leave

Equal pay

Sick Time

Victims of Domestic Violence

Oregon OSHA


Minimum Wage Law Summary

Earned Income Tax Credit

Abstract of Equal Pay Law

Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right To Know Act

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Notice

Pennsylvania Human Relations Act

Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits Form 

South Carolina

Workplace Laws: Notice to Employees

Workers’ Compensation Notice


TOSHA – Right to Healthful Environment

Unemployment Insurance Poster

Wage Regulations Act Poster

Workers Compensation Notice

Prohibiting Discrimination in Employment Poster


Texas Payday Law

Unemployment Compensation Act Poster

Notice To Employees Concerning Worker’ Compensation


Unemployment Compensation

Job Safety and Health Protection 

Workers Compensation

Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit 


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