Introducing: SSE Listening Party

Author: Katie Forsha

Welcome to the Party!

I found myself in a water-cooler convo this week debating whether listening to holiday music in January is acceptable (spoiler: it’s not), and it led me to this idea of music being one of the most uniting forces among all people.

Personally, it doesn’t matter if I’m working from home or in the office, there is a constant stream of music being played within my vicinity at all times. And after chatting with my co-workers, I realized that they are the same. So, with this shared interested in solid tunes and need for revamped playlists as we enter 2022, this idea of compiling everyone’s favorite songs was born.

Now there is no plausible way to create just one playlist of all of our favorite songs without it being 24+ hours long, so we decided to break it up on a monthly basis. Each month we will release work-appropriate playlists according to a unique theme that are meant to be enjoyed throughout the week.


Our January playlist is all about kicking off the new year with energy and purpose. These staff picks are meant to bring happy vibes to your day.

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