February SSE Listening Party

Author: Katie Forsha

The vibes are high over here at the SSE HQ thanks to our Listening Party playlists. So much so that we ordered two Amazon Dots to really take this party to the next level.

In case you missed it, we started a ‘SSE Listening Party’ where we create massive playlists each month according to a certain theme and play them when we are working in the office together. There has been a visual shift in the energy within the office on our Tuesday’s spent together, and I have to credit that to the incredible song recommendations from the staff. 

p.s. Did we leave on Tuesday singing Sweet Caroline in harmony? Yes, yes we did.

Our February playlist is all about love of course! Whether you’re married, single, or in a situation-ship, this is the playlist for you. Did we mention it’s 10+ hours long?!

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