How to: Stand Out in the Crowd

Author: Blake Babcock

With a staffing and recruiting industry that is so commoditized, there is an increased importance in separating yourself from your competitors. Consider your secret sauce – what is it that makes you stand out in the crowd? How do we as an employer ensure we’re remaining competitive in the market and remaining appropriately staffed as a team?

Well, we have 3 key areas that we focus on as a business:

1. Partnership 

2. Transparency

3. Solutions

Our secret sauce


SSE acts as an extension of your talent acquisition efforts, not a 3rd party vendor slamming resumes into your hiring managers hands hoping the candidates stick.  We want to understand your organization inside and out, including the culture and how this role contributes to the overall success of the organization. When our clients invest in the partnership, we invest in our clients.  Sure on the surface it might seem silly, but if its viewed by the client as a ‘here’s the job description just start sending resume’s’, it rarely (almost never) works out.  If we can’t clearly articulate to the candidates in the market why this is the next great opportunity for them, then how do we expect candidates to have any serious level of interest in joining the team?


From the initial conversation with our client engagement team to the ongoing check-ins from our recruiting team, we provide an uncomfortable level of transparency (just kidding, well kind of).  We’ll offer feedback on compensation, hiring process and perception of the organization in the market, that your team can then utilize to pivot, inform and solve any roadblocks to make that next great hire.


What is the real solve for your current situation?  Maybe it’s a temp need, or perhaps a direct hire, or one of SSE’s customizable solutions – like hourly sourcing to feed your pipeline with qualified candidates.  Often times in talent acquisition, we find clients trying to put a band-aid on the real issue at hand. This is why we work hard during the qualification process to go deeper in the conversation and figure out exactly what it is that you need.

Let’s not forget, this is merely a formula that is successful because of our incredible team at SSE. All of our team members rally around our clients, candidates and one another to make these values come to life.

With this behind-the-scenes look into SSE, the question now becomes, what are you waiting for? Let’s work together!

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