SSE Explained: How to be a Great Boss

Author: Blake Babcock

Leadership + Management = Accountability

We are one year into our EOS implementation, and the contents of this blog are from the book “Traction” in addition to the material we’ve utilized in our EOS Leadership Manual.

Being a great boss comes from creating a work environment where people are fully engaged and highly accountable.  Asking yourself, “how do I hold people accountable?” could lead you down a path of thinking about specific things do versus the byproduct of leading + managing.  It’s all about process.  Let’s dive in.

First you have to genuinely care about each and every person that works for you, and secondly, you have to want to be great.  Noodle on that in a deep and honest evaluation of yourself.  It’s easy to simply say you care and want to be great, but if your team were to honestly answer that question of you…would they say without hesitation, “YES, my boss genuinely cares about me and my career and I can tell they want to be a great boss”?

Leadership: Working ON the Business

What you do in the locker room

  • Giving Clear Direction
  • Providing Necessary Tools
  • Letting Go of the Vine
  • Acting with the Greater Good in Mind
  • Taking Clarity Breaks

All the arrows need to be pointing in the same direction.  One vision that everyone understands and having the right people in the right seats on the bus.

Management: Working IN the Business

What you do on the field

  • Keeping Expectations Clear
  • Communicating Well
  • Keeping the Right Meeting Pulse
  • Having Quarterly Conversations
  • Rewarding & Recognizing

Management is not what you do to someone, it’s what you provide for someone.  If you have to manipulate or overly manage someone, you have a people issue.  The team should walk away from meetings feeling like something was accomplished verses feeling like updates where only given.  Praise in public and correct in private.

Over the next several weeks we will be taking a deeper dive into both leadership (working on the business) and management (working in the business).

More to do.  More to come.


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