Meet the team: Sales & Marketing

Author: Katie Forsha

It might be the continuous growth of our team or the coincidental start of a new year, but either way we figured there is no better time to reintroduce the team members that make up our stellar crew!

In case you didn’t know, SSE is made up of a handful of teams:


– Staffing Services

– Direct & Recruitment Process Optimization

– StaffMatrix

And these teams are full of people you probably already know! Small but mighty is the name of the game here at SSE and we are proud of the people that make up this company.

Without further ado, please Meet the Sales & Marketing Team!

Now is this the coolest crew on the SSE squad? Yes.  May I be biased? Absolutely. *ICYMI, this is Katie here*. All jokes aside, this team is responsible for a lot of SSE’s behind-the-scenes ventures.

Leading this team is Blake Babcock, our Director of Client Engagement. Chances are, if you are a client of ours, you know Blake. He is a wonderful dude with all the Cleveland connections. Blake spends his days chatting with clients old and new, sharing all the ways that SSE can help businesses with their staffing needs. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him at your local golf course (sporting only the most fashionable golf shoes of course) or with his 8-year-old triplets and wife at home.

Next is me, Katie Forsha, the Marketing Specialist at SSE. My responsibilities vary from designing printed service sheets and advertisements, to digital promotion and web design. I often say I’m “nerding out” in the corner of the office when I’m busy coding the website or diving into some graphics. You may have also seen me around at the Executive HR Women’s Network events (shameless plug). If I’m not in the office, I’m either crushing a Peloton ride or snapping photos of couples in Cleveland.

We are happy to introduce ourselves to you & can’t wait to learn about you! Connect with us on Linkedin or drop us your information below to get in touch. 

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