Recruiting and hiring practices have undergone extensive changes as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Many familiar practices have gone by the wayside, replaced with new methods to facilitate remote exchanges, such as video conferencing for screenings and interviews.

In a recent study conducted by ERC, social media (92%), employee referrals (78%), and employment agencies (53%) were listed as the top three methods currently being utilized to attract candidates since the onset of COVID-19. Employment agencies in particular were identified as one of the more successful sources for the quality of applicants received, with online sources being cited in terms of quantity of applicants.

Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) has shifted processes over the past few months to ensure we are continuing to add value to our clients as we move forward. Here are some of the changes we have implemented:

Talent Attraction

  • Shifted to virtual interviews
  • Expanded our reach with additional job board platforms
  • Increased our social media presence
  • Capitalized on displaced workers to rethink/start new careers with essential businesses
  • Offering referral bonuses, or sign-on/retention bonuses
  • Highlighting essential business openings, positions offering stability in COVID-compliant environments
  • Enhanced our partnerships and networking, which has been crucial without access to in-person career fairs, walk-in traffic, university students
  • Implemented “Referral Fridays” where staff promotes open opportunities to their social networks


Client Need/Satisfaction

  • Helped clients rethink their work and what could be done remotely – promoted success of temporary remote workers having access/equipment needed to complete the jobs needed by clients
  • Shifted our focus to providing clients with workers needed on the light industrial side as the demands for those positions increased and corporate/professional positions were downsized or eliminated
  • Increased skills assessments to ensure that “out of the box” candidates had necessary skills to do the jobs now needed
  • Promoted a seamless virtual onboarding experience to help speed the process of getting candidates to work more quickly

The COVID crisis has led us all to reimagine talent acquisition and SSE will continue to adapt to the changing needs of the hiring landscape. Although the new methods we put in place have been in response to the current crisis, we realize that in the end, the future of recruiting and hiring practices are probably going to much different than in the past.