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Strategies to Increase Gender Diversity Of Your Leadership Team

Executive HR Women’s Network Workshop Recap

Staffing Solutions Enterprises’ Executive HR Women’s Network recently had the privilege of hosting Amy Salapski, BCC, CLMC, Managing Partner of Cambium Development Group, for an illuminating workshop on “Strategies to Increase Gender Diversity of Your Leadership Team.” 

The session provided a platform for attendees to delve deep into the root causes of the gender gap in leadership and collectively brainstorm solutions. This workshop was highly interactive, encouraging participants to share anecdotal experiences and work through a series of questions addressing gender imbalances within their respective organizations.

Identifying Roadblocks

 During the workshop, members candidly discussed the roadblocks contributing to gender imbalances within their companies and teams. Drawing from their wealth of experience, the following key factors emerged:

Insufficient Development Pathways for Women in Leadership

Many noted the absence of clear and accessible development paths for women aspiring to reach leadership positions. 

Longer Waiting Times for Promotion to Senior Level and C-Suite

In the case study, it was observed that women have a longer waiting period, compared to men, to be promoted from managerial levels to Senior and C-Suite levels. By the time the organization would offer a promotion to C-Suite, some women are either ready to retire or ready to switch organizations. 

Non-Inclusive Job Descriptions

Participants highlighted the importance of inclusive language in job descriptions, emphasizing its role in attracting a diverse pool of candidates.

Low Post-Graduate Opportunities for Women in Certain Fields

Some attendees pointed out that certain industries have a disproportionately low representation of women in post-graduate roles, posing a significant challenge to upward mobility.

Missing Out on Quiet, Less Assertive Talent

There was a consensus that quieter, less assertive individuals, who may not readily advocate for themselves, are often overlooked when considering leadership potential.


Strategies for Overcoming Roadblocks

The workshop also served as a platform for attendees to share successful strategies implemented within their respective organizations to combat these roadblocks. The following approaches were discussed:

Educational Initiatives

Participants highlighted the importance of company-wide or management education programs focused on gender imbalances in leadership. These programs are designed to increase awareness and knowledge across the organization.

Engaging Male Allies

Acknowledging the critical role that male allies play in advocating for women, attendees emphasized the need to actively involve men in initiatives aimed at increasing gender diversity in leadership.

Consultant Engagement

Hiring a consultant with expertise in gender diversity and leadership was cited as a valuable resource. These experts provide knowledge and opportunities for development within the organization.

Assessment-Based Talent Identification

Using assessments to identify high-potential candidates, with a specific focus on women, was recognized as an effective means of identifying and nurturing future leaders.

The interactive nature of the session allowed for a rich exchange of ideas and experiences, further solidifying our commitment to fostering inclusive leadership within our respective organization. A special thank you goes to Deby Lexow from LOCLE Box, who graciously hosted the event, adding to the overall success of this impactful workshop.


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