Author: Blake Babcock

Staffing World 2022 Recap

 American Staffing Association  |  Las Vegas


Rachel Mack (our VP of Recruiting & Service Delivery) and I recently attended Staffing World in Las Vegas hosted by the American Staffing Association.  2,000+ staffing professionals worldwide gathered for staffing industry updates, insights, and networking.


A notable statistic shared is that there are 10 million open jobs in the United States currently while only 5.7 million available candidates.  This is an unfavorable statistic for organizations compounded with the rising wages and availability of remote work. 


One aspect of our process when working with clients on an open role is asking the not so simple, “Why would someone want this job?” In a market that has become increasingly difficult to remain competitive it’s a question that needs honestly answered to evaluate possible roadblocks in attracting talent.


The week was filled with a plethora of breakout sessions – below are a few of the notable topics

  • 2022’s Top Trending Technology Tools You Should Have in Your Tech Stack
  • Cultivating an Organizational Culture of Inclusion Through Empathy and Innovation
  • Does Change Have to Be So Hard?
  • What Are They Thinking? Understanding How Clients and Candidates Make Decisions
  • The Demographic Drought: Bridging the Gap in Our Labor Force


Perhaps even more valuable than the sessions themselves was networking with other staffing industry professionals across the United States.  There was ample time to discuss technology, process, successes and failures to learn from.


Here are our takeaways from the conference and great questions to ask yourself to evaluate your business impact

  • Do you have the right processes in place to delivery valuable service offerings to clients and candidates?
  • Are you using the right technology to create a more efficient sales and recruiting process?
  • What issues and opportunities are on the horizon for you to remain competitive not only in growing your client base, but internally to retain talent as you grow

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