Author: Victoria Cohen

SSE Named One of the Largest Women-Owned Businesses by Crain's Cleveland

We are proud to announce that Staffing Solutions Enterprises has been recognized as one of the Largest Women-Owned Businesses by Crain’s Cleveland.

This recognition is a testament to the dedication, passion, and hard work of our incredible team. We are grateful to Crain’s Cleveland for acknowledging our accomplishments and shining a spotlight on the important contributions of women entrepreneurs in our community.



As a local women-owned business with over 66% of our workforce comprised of women, we are proud to be at the forefront of empowering women to excel and thrive in the corporate landscape. We believe that fostering diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality in the workplace is crucial for driving innovation, creativity, and business growth. This recognition not only celebrates our success but also serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, who are determined to make their mark.


From a small start-up, founded in 1974 by Carmella Calta, to now being named one of the Largest Women-Owned Businesses, our progress has been fueled by a deep-rooted passion for creating meaningful connections and building strong relationships. We have nurtured a culture that values diversity, embraces collaboration, and encourages women to break barriers and seize opportunities for professional growth.


Staffing Solutions Enterprises takes pride in having SueAnn Naso as our President, Owner and CEO who has been an integral leader in our company for over 30 years. SueAnn also serves as board chair for Engage! Cleveland as well as Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio. She also co-founded our Executive HR Women’s Network, a networking community for women holding executive HR positions across Northeast Ohio. Her leadership and strategic vision have propelled us to create a culture of excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. SueAnn’s rich industry knowledge, combined with her passion for empowering women and fostering professional growth, has been instrumental in shaping our success as a leading women-owned business in Northeast Ohio.

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