Setting Your Front Line Workers Up For Success

Author: Victoria Cohen, Credits: Shawna Whitlock

Our Executive HR Women’s Network recently gathered for a professional development learning session on Setting Your Front Line Workers Up For Success: Tips and Training. In this session, Shawna Whitlock, President & CEO, at Strategic Workplace Solutions presented to our members on:


  • Best practices for developing talent
  • Leading teams with empathy
  • Managing day-to-day conflict resolution
  • Peer-to-supervisor transition

The recurring theme from the presentation was:

Lead as you would like to be led – with fairness, and consistency.


Shawna’s presentation honed in on the importance of appropriately training your managers so that they are prepared to hold employees accountable, handle conflict management, and establish trust and empathy within your teams.


With respect to establishing accountability within your team , Shawna discussed the importance for managers to meet employers where they are at. Some important actions managers can take to ensure accountability are:

1. Establish clear and consistent communication within your team (and build trust)

2. Show empathy

3. Help your employees set attainable individual goals

4. Celebrate employees small wins and appreciate when they do things “right”

5. Focus on solution-based problem solving, try to find a solution together when possible

6. Be fair and understanding as a manager, but enforce consequences when necessary

(if you see something, say something)

7. Take initiative to offer help to employees even when you have not been asked

8. Create an environment where managers can freely ask for support, encourage vulnerability

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