Author: Victoria Cohen

Our Recruiting Consulting Approach To Maximize ROI and Reduce Employee Turnover

Inefficient recruiting processes can have a substantial financial impact on organizations. According to SHRM, inefficient recruiting processes can cost up to $2.6 million annually for a 100-person company. Every day a position remains unfilled translates to potential revenue lost.


Every year, a company will experience an average turnover of 18%, with 13% leaving on their own volition. Onboarding is often the first introduction to the culture of an organization for a new employee, and small improvements can make a big difference. Furthermore, the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s salary.


At Staffing Solutions Enterprises, we understand the financial implications of recruiting inefficiencies, and we’re here to offer a solution that goes beyond traditional approaches. Our Recruiting Consulting Services, backed by data-driven insights, can be the game-changer your organization needs. Let’s dive into how we can significantly enhance your Return on Investment (ROI) by addressing key metrics: Candidate Interview to Hire Ratio, Time to Fill, and New Hire Turnover.


1. Candidate Interview to Hire Ratio

Did you know that the average interview-to-hire ratio can range from 4:1 to 20:1? At a benchmark ratio of 3:1, your organization is sourcing quality candidates right from the start of the interview process. Our consulting services strategically aim to achieve and maintain this ratio, ensuring that your time and resources are efficiently utilized in identifying the most promising candidates.


2. Time to Fill or Time to Offer

The average U.S. hiring process takes 23-38 days, but our focus is on optimization. Through an in-depth analysis of your current process, we identify bottlenecks and implement strategic solutions to potentially reduce your time to fill positions. A swifter hiring process not only enhances your talent acquisition but directly impacts your ROI by getting key roles filled faster.


3. New Hire Turnover

Employee turnover, especially among new hires, can pose challenges. With approximately 20% leaving within the first 45 days, it’s a significant concern. Our consulting services dig deep into onboarding experiences, engagement factors, and turnover contributors. By crafting an environment that fosters growth and satisfaction, we aim to reduce turnover rates, resulting in long-term cost savings for your organization.


Inefficient recruiting processes can impose substantial financial burdens on organizations, affecting their bottom line and hindering growth. At Staffing Solutions Enterprises, we offer a forward-thinking solution through our Recruiting Consulting Services, which leverage data-driven insights to optimize key metrics such as the Candidate Interview to Hire Ratio, Time to Fill, and New Hire Turnover. By taking advantage of our recruiting consulting services, your organization can streamline its recruitment processes, attract top talent, and increase your ROI.

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