Meet Lazette Prince, a 29-year veteran of Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE). As StaffMatrix/Workforce Manager, Lazette is responsible for client management and retention. “I love that what I do provides a source of income for the candidates we place, helping to put food on the table or keep the lights on,” she said. “My greatest accomplishment over the years has been all the lives I have touched and the number of temporary-only positions resulting in permanent employment.”

Working at SSE is a long way from her first job at Dairy Queen. Throughout her years in the staffing industry, Lazette has seen many changes, noting the biggest surprise to her has been the number of tests and assessments now being required of candidates.

Somewhat of a night owl, and an excellent sleeper, Lazette feels her special talent lies in being able to recall everything about her work life. However, the same doesn’t hold true for her personal life. “I will see people from my past who can remember my name, and my name isn’t that common,” Lazette said. “Yet I can never seem to remember their names!”

In her downtime, Lazette enjoys going to the movies. “Cinemark now serves alcohol, has a new food selection, and stadium seating,” she said. “That’s my idea of dinner and a movie.” When asked about her favorite movie, Lazette replied, “There’s no way I can name just one. But Russell Crowe’s ‘A Beautiful Mind’ had me crying so badly that I had to call my daughter. Then I watched it again!”

While at home, Lazette can be found surrounded by the family’s three cats, Florence, Zeus, and Kai, who came about after they lost their 13-year old German shepherd, Javah, a few years back. In addition, Lazette stays informed by reading up on current events. She also enjoys re-watching old TV shows including 24, Heroes, Alias, and Smallville. As for her vote for greatest TV series of all time, ‘Lost,’ up until the end. “It ended so stupidly! We even had a watch party for the final episode. I’m over that one,” she commented.

Any holiday associated with candy (chocolate, I will add) is a favorite. “Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween, which by the way IS a season – just ask my coworker Celia.” Her favorite hero as a child, “Barbie – she had so many careers.”

When asked to provide her walkout song, Lazette replied, “We are the Champions.” And her biggest fear? “Heights, like driving over some bridges. My legs start to shake, although it could be just age.”

Biggest lesson learned over the years? “Life is too short.”