Katie Jones, Customer Experience Manager 

Originally from Akron, OH, Katie just celebrated her 1-year anniversary with Staffing Solutions Enterprises. In addition to being a HUGE fan of Halloween (the holiday!), a dog lover and night owl, she is also a certified scuba diver and will be finishing up her master’s degree in the spring.

Favorite thing to do in Northeast Ohio? 
Floating around the lakes in the summer

Biggest fear? 
Being stranded in the ocean – especially at night! Eeeek!!! (Cast Away? Blue Lagoon?? Life of Pi??? Titanic???? Not me!)

Who was your hero as a child? 
Zorro, as played by Antonio Banderas, of course. I was obsessed!

Watch a movie or read a book? 
Read a book. I just finished reading Confess by Coleen Hoover

Biggest lesson learned in life? 
Live and let live