Back in 1993, Kathleen started working at Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) as a temp. Little did she realize that 27 years later, she would still be here. She has come a long way since her first job in the corporate office at Silverman’s. “To this day, I still hate coupons,” she said.

Throughout the years, SSE has continued to adapt, change, and grow. “We never stand still for long,” said Kathleen. “This enables SSE to dive into new areas and continue to meet our customer’s needs.” As Controller, Kathleen oversees the financial side of the business. Her magic power, in her own words, “I have the knowledge and the ability to get things accomplished – or I will figure it out.”

When asked about the biggest changes she is seeing in the industry today, Kathleen replied, “Technology continues to change the business model of the staffing industry. I have seen adaptions to people walking into the office looking for work, to faxes with resumes, to email communications then texting and now online interviews.” She continued, “Even with technology advancements at its core, staffing is still a personal experience. The balance between interpersonal and maintaining a personal connection is where the biggest changes occur. For some, it can be easier to use technology as a buffer than risk the personal experience.”   

Kathleen loves everything, and anything, Disney. From her vote for greatest TV series of all time – The Magical World of Disney that aired on Sunday nights, to her favorite movie of all time – anything created by Disney. And when asked what she is currently watching Kathleen replied, “Duh, Disney Plus!”

Her dad was her hero. “He protected and served his community for 20 years,” Kathleen said. “When he retired he continued to serve through volunteer work like helping children learn to read and served as a council member.”

An afternoon person and dog lover, Kathleen is mom to a chocolate lab named Porter. She and her husband also have a turtle at home, amply known as Mr. Turtle.