Meet Amy Liberty! Now a seasoned veteran in the staffing industry, Amy has come a long way since her first job as a Foodland cashier in Beaver Falls, PA. She was recently named Director of Managed Services and will be celebrating her 5-year anniversary with Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) in August. In her new role, Amy will be focusing on the integration of enhanced technology for current users of StaffMatrix (SMX), SSE’s proprietary vendor management system. In addition, she will oversee the expansion to new clients and licensing opportunities to other staffing firms and enterprise organizations seeking effective solutions for managing contingent labor.

“This has been my biggest accomplishment at SSE and my first experience leading a large technology complex project from planning to execution,” Amy explained. “The StaffMatrix system impacts all users of our system, internal and external, including our clients, partner vendor network, and temporary employees. This dynamic upgrade has been in the planning for well over a year and consists of a refreshed look and new logo, informational dashboard, enhanced time-keeping, and improved expense reporting capabilities.” 

A fan of summer and fall, Amy says she is most definitely a morning person. “I like to get up and go,” she relays. “I am much more productive in the morning. Unless there is a good movie, or I am busy with a craft, exercising, or enjoying the great outdoors, I’d rather get some beauty sleep in the evening.”

Being home on quarantine has led to more late nights than typical. “As I mentioned, I don’t watch much TV,” she said. “But during the quarantine, I decided to binge-watch something. I was hearing a lot about Tiger King (sorry, I couldn’t get past the first episode) and Ozark, which was completely addicting. I watched all three seasons in less than two weeks but was very disappointed to find out that I have to wait until 2021 for the next season.” 

During these past few months, Amy has enjoyed having her “shadow” by her side. “I have a 6-year-old Malti-Pom, Bella. She hasn’t left my side since we’ve been quarantined, so I’ve nicknamed her Shadow.”

As for Amy’s vote for the greatest TV series of all time, “Friends and Seinfeld.” Any James Patterson novel that comes across her path is sure to get a read!

To stay on Amy’s good side, be sure not to partake in her top pet peeves. “Slow drivers in the passing lane and people who don’t push in their chairs when they get up from the table drive me crazy.”