When Abbie started with Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) a little over three years ago, her main responsibility was recruiting top talent for the SSE candidate pool and onboarding them. Over the years, her role expanded. “Staffing Solutions allowed me to continue growing professionally and adjusted my position accordingly,” Abbie stated. “I now provide support to all three business units, whether through recruiting, sourcing, onboarding, taking on large candidate screening projects, or digging into a software issue. I’ve become an ‘Abbie-of-all-trades.’”

Reflecting on what she enjoys most about working at SSE, Abbie responded, “The people. Everyone is always ready to lend a hand or share best practices. Plus, we all like a really good, corny joke!”

Speaking of jokes, what do “The Office,” “Scrubs,” and “Friends” all have in common? Yes, they are all sitcoms but in addition, according to Abbie, they are the greatest TV series of all time. Recently Abbie has been listening to “Fake Doctors, Real Friends,” a podcast with Zach Braff and Donald Faison from Scrubs. “It has been so much fun re-watching the series and has reminded me of how fantastic the show is,” she relayed.

Recently Abbie finished reading “Finding Chika” by Mitch Albom, which she maintains is “heart wrenching and wonderful, as all his books are.” She is now in the middle of reading “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle Melton, and another Albom book, “Human Touch,” is a serialized story of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, being written and released one week at a time. “Writing ‘Human Touch’ in real-time is an interesting concept,” Abbie attests, “although it reminds me of a TV series with cliffhangers where you’re on edge waiting for the next piece of the puzzle to come out the following week!”

As for her favorite book of all time? “Ooh, this is such a tough question! It definitely depends on my mood, but I can’t go wrong with “The Kite Runner,” “Alice in Wonderland,” or “Little Women.”

When she isn’t reading, Abbie enjoys spending time outdoors hiking or swimming with her husband and their daughter. “I really love being outside, and we have so many great parks and trails in NEO!”

Most of us have experienced a time while driving when we have waved another car in or slowed for someone crossing the street where they shouldn’t. But did that person then take time to give you a nod or wave of thanks? That lack of acknowledgment, “which only takes seconds,” tops Abbie’s list of pet peeves. And it ties right in with the biggest lesson she has learned in life, “There is always time to be kind.”