In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have had to quickly adjust their hiring process. While some companies have paused their recruiting efforts, many others have had to take their recruiting process online – including the onboarding of new employees.

Here are some tips to help you successfully onboard remote workers:

Manage the pace

  • Space out your training sessions. Allow ample time for Q&A.
Provide them the basics
  • Provide essential paperwork/documentation in a digital format
  • Send a schedule of what to expect their first few days – who they will meet, what they will be doing
  • Set new hires up with collaboration tools for communicating with the team
Create opportunities for social interaction
  • Host a virtual team lunch to welcome your new hire
  • Individual introductions to each member of the team, including leaders and cross-functional teams
  • Introductions to support teams
Assign an onboarding buddy (or two!)
  • Assign someone specific to check in with them regularly, answer their questions, and make them feel welcome at their new company 
Set clear expectations
  • Assign them 2-3 tasks they can complete during their first week and/or month
  • Set expectations around working hours, required meetings, participation, etc.

With the proper steps in place, you can develop a successful onboarding process and ensure your new employees feel confident and comfortable in their new roles. 

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