Author: SueAnn Naso

Leading Transformational Change Part 2

Reflections from our CEO


Last month I shared part one about our journey since buying the business in October 2019. If you missed it and would like to read it, here’s a link to read it! As we started rebounding from the economic downturn in fourth quarter 2020, we realized we needed to continue to evolve and transform the way we run the business to support our clients, our candidates, and our internal staff if we wanted to thrive. In January 2021 we started our EOS journey.  For those not familiar with EOS, it stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System which is a set of simple concepts and practical tools that help organizations clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision.


Looking back two years later, this was the best decision we could have made as we were figuring out how to recover and grow. We started the journey with our senior leadership team.  This amazing group of talented individuals invested many hours helping me shape our vision, create a structure using functional accountabilities vs job titles, determine what data was important to measure, simplify and document all our core process and committed to meet as a team weekly for an hour and half to tackle important issues and master the EOS tools.


By April we were consistently trending over pre-pandemic levels and building.  We were focused on the data that was helping us predict performance vs lagging indicators.  We were in a rhythm of discussing what was going well, what wasn’t, and what we needed to do differently to continue to grow. We were keeping a better pulse on holding ourselves and each other accountable. We ended the year growing the business 15% compared to pre-pandemic 2019 numbers.


The business impact of EOS in that first year exceeded all our expectations.  By the end of 2021 we were gaining our rhythm (what EOS calls Traction) and were ready to roll the concept out to the rest of the organization.  Join me for part three of our leading transformational change series next month as I pick up in January 2022.

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I’d personally like to invite you to our upcoming EOS workshop on May 9th where you can learn the six key components of running a successful business. Click here to register for the event, and join us to hear from expert EOS implementor Gene Roberts to gain the tools to focus on your priorities, get clear on issues, and gain traction with your leadership team.


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