We are an Employer Member of the Year

Author: Victoria Cohen

This Fall, Staffing Solutions Enterprises won the Employer Member of the Year Award (small-size company) for Engage! Cleveland’s Generation NEXT Awards.


 We joined Engage! Cleveland as an Employer Member in April of 2016, and we are proud to share our mission of attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent in Cleveland with the organization. With over 45% of our entire workforce comprised of young professionals, we provide a diverse and engaging platform for young adults entering the workforce, opportunities to explore different career fields, networking opportunities, and connections to leadership and skills development training programs.

To learn more about Engage! Cleveland and its impact, I turned to Alex Sullivan, our Staffing Specialist. Alex is our Engage! Cleveland representative who regularly attends Engage! Cleveland events and connects our workforce to new opportunities. 


“Engage! Cleveland is the hub for businesses and young professionals to connect and get involved. Creating experiences that offer the opportunity for growth, development and relationship building. Every event I’ve been to so far, I’ve left feeling a sense of fulfilment and incentive. It’s very gratifying to be awarded Employer of the Year. I wear my SSE badge proudly and I’m looking forward to what the futures holds for our organization!” 

– Alex Sullivan, Staffing Specialist at Staffing Solutions Enterprises

We’d again like to thank Engage! Cleveland for recognizing all the work that we do to support young professionals in Northeast Ohio, and we can’t wait for what’s to come in the next year!

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