Do's and Dont's of the Hiring Process

Author: Victoria Cohen

From candidates, to recruiters, to hiring managers, the hiring process is very involved, and requires effort to attract and retain top talent. Whether you are utilizing a recruiting firm or not, it important to keep in mind the vital aspects of the process, as well actions that could negatively affect your hiring outcomes. Check out our guideline of do’s and dont’s for the hiring process below.

 Do: Communicate promptly

There are many different aspects and people involved in the hiring process. From your internal hiring manager, to human resources, and candidates, it’s important to not keep anyone in the dark about changes or updates that have been made. If a candidate has not been selected, let them know as soon as possible. If you are utilizing a recruiting firm to fill your roles, make sure to update your recruiters on any important updates during the hiring process. Try to keep communication updates within 24 hours to the best of your ability and explain the “why” behind the decision.

Do: Be clear about what you’re looking for

A job description is one of the most fundamental aspects you will prepare at the start of the hiring process. Make sure write a thorough and honest description including expectations, requirements, educational background, and salary. Doing so will not only create a more targeted applicant pool, but it will also save you time later if you include screening questions to filter out candidates who don’t meet the requirements. Another valuable aspect to enhance your posting is to describe the company culture, values, and even add some flare to engage top talent. If you are using a recruiting firm, establish in detail the type of candidates you would like to see, and if possible, provide a resume of a past or current employee to use as a guideline.

Don’t: Be unprofessional

Don’t do anything to blow-off candidates or make them feel disrespected, as this could jeopardize their interest in your company. Make certain to be on time to meetings and interviews, remember their name and some personal details about them, and have a quick follow-up time. Remember that the hiring process is a two-way street and it’s important to treat it as such, so that you don’t lose out on top-talent over missed common courtesy practices.

Don’t: Neglect your social media

Social media is one of the quickest ways candidates can take a sneak peek into the everyday life of your company and what it’s like to work for you. Use this to your advantage to provide real examples of what your company culture is like. Post content that showcases what makes you a great employer to engage your top-talent candidates. Your social media strategy is completely up to you, but if you need some ideas, consider spotlighting employees, highlighting events and perks, showing off your awesome work culture, or celebrating achievements.

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