4 Things to Avoid During a Job Interview

Author: Amber Satola

1. Never bad-mouth your current or previous employer

Speaking negatively about your current or previous employer sets a negative tone for your interview. Instead, reframe your negative experiences into what you’re seeking in a new position

Here are some examples of how you can reframe previous negative experiences 


Example 1: I didn’t feel supported by management 

How to reframe: I thrive in an environment where I have adequate support from the management team


Example 2: I‘ve been overworked and underpaid

How to reframe:  I’m looking for a job where the compensation and job title match the duties assigned to me as an employee


2. Avoid disclosing personal information that’s not pertinent to the position

Recruiters and interviewers want to hear why you’re passionate about the field that you’re in and why you’re interested in a particular position. However, there is a fine line between building connection and oversharing. Be careful not to unduly influence anyone who is interviewing you based on anything that you disclose about your personal life. 


3. Don’t be vague

Vague answers will leave your interviewer questioning whether or not your experience is applicable and if you’ll be able to perform the duties as assigned. Answering questions about your background and experience with specific examples demonstrates your ability to do the job, as well as your preparedness and interest in the job opportunity. 


4. Avoid misrepresenting yourself

Don’t misrepresent your personality, background, or your experience. In order to make sure that the job opportunity is truly a good fit for you, be honest and remember that Google can only get you so far. If the culture isn’t a good fit for you, you won’t be happy there long term – and will just find yourself back in the cycle of interviewing and looking for a new job. 

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