Staffing Solutions Enterprises now has easier access to paystubs and notifications!

Isolved Payroll Portal


  • The 4-digit code for the first-time login is the last 4 digits of the employee’s SSN.

Mobile App is isolvedGo (Network Partner name is Employdrive and is case sensitive)

On your Welcome Page you will see:

  • Notifications – click on the link
  • My Pay Summary – click on the eye to show detail

On the Employee Messages Tab, you will see special notices:

  • Payroll Messages
  • Discounts
  • Credit union

Employee Profile Picture

  • You can upload your picture

Employee Profile:

  • Verify your information is correct
    • Name and Address
    • Tax information
    • Personal Information

Address Only Updates:

  • Make changes to you home address

Open Enrollment:

  • Health Insurance
  • 401K

Pay History: 

  • Note: information is updated as soon as payroll is processed, so you can review your direct deposit or check stub prior to the payroll date
  • Reflects current pay period and year to date information

W2/ACA/1099 Forms

  • Will be available prior the tax deadline (January 31st)

Direct Deposit:

  • Shows where your payroll is currently being deposited


Tax Updates:

  • Reflects the current, Federal, State and Local deductions
  • Allows you to make changes
    • Filing Status
    • Exemptions/Dependents
    • Additional amounts


Tax Updates Wizard:

  • Guides you through the process to complete the correct forms for tax change updates.

Direct Deposit Updates:

  • Allows you to change or add accounts
    • Savings
    • Checking
    • Pay Card
    • Other

Trouble Shooting Web Site:

Trouble Shooting Mobile Application:

  • Application “iSolvedGo”
  • When you open Application click on the Gear in the lower left corner
    • Under network Partner type “Employdrive”
  • Click on the iSolved HCM icon