Author: Victoria Cohen

Forward Together: Staffing Solutions Enterprises’ United Way 2023 Fundraiser Recap

In the spirit of giving and having a charitable mindset, Staffing Solutions Enterprises recently concluded our annual United Way of Greater Cleveland fundraiser. Running from November 14th to December 18th, our passionate team joined forces and exemplified our commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of our friends and neighbors in need.

To add excitement to our fundraising efforts this year, our team battled it out in Penny Wars all month and brought out competitive sides all for our annual Fundraiser! Congratulations to Team SueAnn, Celia, Abbie, and Leisha for their dedication to the cause and for winning Penny Wars!
We also held a raffle with a handcrafted LOCLE box filled with local goodies. Congratulations to Abbie for winning, and a big thank you to everyone who helped make our collective efforts a success.


Impacting the Community

At the core of our fundraising efforts is the vital role played by the United Way of Greater Cleveland. This organization connects individuals in need with essential services. The United Way 211, a 24/7 phone service, has connected over 213,000 people with 2,500 agencies and resources, showcasing the positive outcomes achieved through our collaborative efforts.

To understand the profound impact of the United Way of Greater Cleveland, let’s take a look at last year’s impact, as highlighted in the 2022 United Way Annual Report:

  • Connected 127,178 clients to more than 1,854 organizations across Cuyahoga, Darke, and Geauga.
  • Provided $929,134 in prescription drug discounts through United Way’s MedRefer program.
  • Assisted 3,232 veterans in Cuyahoga County.
  • Helped 2,500+ Geauga County residents with essential resources such as food, shelter, and utility assistance.
  • United Way-funded agencies served 7,282 individuals, increasing food security by serving 172,206 meals.

Why are we sharing this with you?

Staffing Solutions Enterprises remains committed to a charitable mindset. We thank our dedicated team for their unwavering support in championing causes important to our community. As we celebrate surpassing our fundraising goals this year, we are confident that, together, we can continue to create a better community for all our neighbors.

Forward together, we can create a better community for all our neighbors.

Click here to donate to learn more about the United Way of Greater Cleveland


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