Candidate WOW Experience



A WOW experience is a moment in which a person's response or engagement exceeds expectations. We try
to capture the times when our assignment employees exceed the expectations of our clients, but in this particular case the client was the one who WOWED our candidate.

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Yvonne was placed as a temporary employee at AIRGAS. After just a few days on assignment, she fell ill and was unable to work for over 2 months. Without question, AIRGAS decided to not replace Yvonne, rather support her and wait for her to be well enough to return to work. Yvonne expressed her gratefulness in a letter to one of the Staffing Solutions Account Managers:

Hi, Morning Lori,
With everything that was going on with me at that time, both you (and your crew) and all involved at Airgas  gave me a bit of hope and one less thing to worry about that the position was still open for me and to focus on getting better.
 I am on the mend and feeling wonderful!  When I  returned yesterday, I immediately felt as though nothing ever happened; just about picked up where I had left off with few issues.
Thanking you all again for your kindness, empathy and thoughtfulness concerning my ordeal.
Best Regards,

Life presents challenges to people everyday, and it is important to recognize the goodness in employers and  companies when it happens. Staffing Solutions was happy to be a helping hand to Yvonne, and more importantly we are grateful to companies like AIRGAS.

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