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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Use social media effectively in your job search Dos Use social media to show your knowledge in your field and expand your network. Social media is supposed to be social, so interact! Participate in discussions; ask and answer questions; share info that may interest the people in your networks. If you don't have one already,…
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LinkedIn Profile Tips for Every Professional

Creating a Networking Powerhouse LinkedIn is the social networking powerhouse for professionals. According to recent statistics, LinkedIn reported over 350 million users, with an average rate of 2 new users joining per second! With heavy hitting statistics like that, it’s important for your LinkedIn profile to be an all-star to stand out in the crowd. Whether…
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Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

Social Networking Social media is no longer just a means to notify your friends of your new relationship status. Many recruiters are now using social networking to find the qualified candidates they need. According to numerous online resources, 90 % of recruiters conduct online research of potential candidates. However, if your digital footprint is tainted with inappropriate posts…
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The Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Your Career

The Impact of Social Media on Your Career There is no question that social media has become a huge part of most of our lives today. The global world is literally at our fingertips. Just about everyone you know is on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. Social media is a great way to stay connected to…
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