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Managing your Time

Productive people don’t get there by accident. They act purposefully in the way that they work in order to maximize every minute of every day. Try some of these habits of of productive people and see if there is a way to make your day more efficient! Focus on one thing at a time. Although multitasking…
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Applying on a Company Website

First Impressions are Important!   What to double-check before Applying on a Company Website: As you review a job description, keep in mind that the most important items are probably listed toward the top.   When to Read Job Descriptions Think of the job posting as a map or a key to getting the position.…
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Avoid Getting Scammed During your Job Search

  Scammers post jobs where legitimate employers do — on career boards, social media pages, newspapers and even on radio or TV. Here’s how to avoid getting scammed.    [bs_row class="row"][bs_col class="col-sm-3"] Use a Recruiting Agency: Reputable recruiting agencies research company backgrounds before they post job opportunities. At Staffing Solutions Enterprises, recruiters visit job sites,…
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Should You Join LinkedIn?

Why Should You Join LinkedIn? You may be a pro at using Facebook and maybe you are even gaining followers on Twitter, but have you taken the time to embrace LinkedIn? If you are still hesitating to join this growing network of professionals, you could be missing out on some great opportunities. Below are a…
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