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43rd Anniversary of Staffing Solutions July Celebration

Staffing Solutions celebrated it's 43rd Anniversary this year with dinner in Tremont, followed by an hour tour of Downtown with Lolly the Trolley and a surprise Mitchell's Ice Cream stop at the very end! The evening was topped off by perfect weather - sunshine and a cool lake breeze -  while we cruised the streets…
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WOW Experience Story

WOW Experience Highlight Last week one of our senior recruiters received an email regarding the approval of some overtime hours a temp employee had worked. Our client took an extra moment to mention her WOW EXPERIENCE: She Writes: "Kayley assisted us with a System Medical Staff Event last evening.  The event was larger than we…
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How to Navigate the Workforce

Navigating the Workforce after College Are you a recent graduate looking to start your career but are unsure of how to navigate the workforce? Well, you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by Accenture, 49% of recent college graduates consider themselves to be underemployed or in a field that does not require a…
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Tips for Retaining Key Employees

Retaining Key Employees Employee turnover, especially in key positions, can be quite costly. It can lead to decreased productivity, employee morale issues and lost knowledge. For these reasons and many more, employee retention is essential for creating a profitable and healthy business. Here are several ways you can help reduce turnover and retain your key employees.…
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